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Ridiculously Remarkable Legal Billing E-Book

How Better Billing Practices Improve Your Law Firm and Your Life!

Ridiculously Remarkable Legal Billing

Billing Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare.
When you don’t get your bills out in a timely fashion, you inadvertently cause yourself several problems. Some are obvious; some aren’t. But they’re all equally nasty and take a huge chunk out of your profitability. Highlighting a few of these will, hopefully, give you some inspiration to take action.

Improving Your Billing Improves Your Life
Getting bills out on-time is not difficult to do with today’s technology and can make a direct and immediate positive impact on both your practice and your life. We see it virtually every day with our customers.

The book contains 14 chapters, with a nugget of wisdom each, resulting in 14 rules to guide your invoicing practices.

No matter the practice area, our happiest lawyers all have at least one thing in common: They are timely billers.