Meet the Speakers

bob ambrogi

Bob Ambrogi

Publisher, LawSites Blog and LawNext Podcast

Bob Ambrogi is a lawyer and journalist who has been writing and speaking about legal technology and innovation for more than two decades. He writes the award-winning blog LawSites, is a columnist for Above the Law, hosts the podcast about legal innovation, LawNext, and hosts the weekly news podcast, Legaltech Week. In 2011, Bob was named to the inaugural Fastcase 50, honoring “the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries and leaders.” In 2017, he received the Yankee Quill award for journalism from the Academy of New England Journalists and was honored by the ABA Journal as a Legal Rebels Trailblazer.

Brett Burney

Principal, Burney Consultants LLC

When lawyers need help with eDiscovery challenges, they call Brett Burney to navigate the balance between law and technology. Brett also runs the Apps in Law blog ( where he teaches lawyers how to integrate their mobile devices into their practice.

ruth carter

Ruth Carter

Evil Genius, Carter Law Firm

Known for their daring antics and outgoing personality, Ruth Carter is an Arizona attorney and an authority on intellectual property, business law, and internet law. They also wrote three best-selling books on guerrilla marketing and social media law including The Legal Side of Blogging for Lawyers. Ruth has been a speaker over 100 events including Content Marketing World and South by Southwest, and featured in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and on NPR.

Shelley-Ann Charlton

VP of Processing Operations, LexCharge

Shelley-Ann Charlton is the Vice President of Processing Operations at LexCharge. She started working in the payment processing industry in 2003 and has been involved in all aspects of the industry. Shelley-Ann was the first employee of Charge Card Systems Inc. (CCS), and during her tenure at the company became the Director of Operations. With her help, CCS grew from a three-person organization to a company with more than 500 sales representatives throughout the United States. Shelley-Ann managed all internal operations and personnel, worked with the CCS finance team on monthly analytics and reporting, assisted all agents with residual analysis, oversaw tech support, and served as the relationship manager with the bank and processing partners. In other words, she has comprehensive knowledge of all areas of the processing industry.

jared correia

Jared D. Correia, Esq.

Founder & CEO, Red Cave Law Firm Consulting

Jared D. Correia, Esq. is the founder and CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting. Red Cave offers subscription-based law firm business management consulting services for law firms, bar associations and corporations. Red Cave also works with legal vendors to develop programming and content.  Jared is also the COO of Gideon Software, Inc., which offers intelligent messaging and predictive analytics software built exclusively for law firms. He is a regular presenter at local, regional and national events, (including ABA TECHSHOW) and regularly contributes to legal publications including Above the Law, Attorney at Work, and the Lawyerist. Jared is the host of the award-winning Legal Toolkit podcast on Legal Talk Network.  Jared also teaches for Concord Law School, Suffolk University Law School, Solo Practice University and Becker College. 

carolyn elefant

Carolyn Elefant

Attorney & Publisher,

Carolyn Elefant is an attorney and law firm owner in Washington D.C. who by day, fights pipelines and the rest of the time, fights for solo and small firm lawyers, legal innovators and entrepreneurs who strive to modernize the legal profession and expand. meaningful access to justice. Carolyn publishes the blog and is author of Solo by Choice

jobst elster

Jobst Elster

Head of Content & Legal Market Strategy, InsideLegal

Jobst brings 21 years of experience in market analysis, market research, media and public relations, and product marketing to the legal industry. He has served as a legal market strategist for the last 18 years, advising companies entering the legal market, involved in mergers and acquisitions, and expanding strategic operations overseas. Jobst regularly writes and speaks on legal technology, market research and leveraging market data, technology innovations and futures, legal marketing, and data analytics. He can be reached at or @InsideLegal on Twitter.

megan furino

Megan Furino

Senior Conference Producer, ALM Media

Megan Furino is a Senior Conference Producer at ALM Media and an attorney. Megan uses her keen legal research skills and background in litigation to bring cutting-edge and innovative events to attorneys across the globe. She has a particular passion for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives and has led a number of conferences aimed at empowering and elevating female legal professionals. Prior to joining ALM, she practiced law and earned her Juris Doctorate from the University at Buffalo School of Law in Buffalo, New York. She currently lives on Long Island with her husband, 1-year-old son, and one fluffy dog.

Joanna Goodman

IT Columnist & Freelance Tech Journalist and Author, Law Society Gazette

Joanna Goodman is a freelance journalist and author from London. Her book; Robots in Law: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Legal Services, was one of the first to cover AI in legal services. She is the Law Society Gazette’s IT columnist and she writes about tech for UK and international publications. She writes about emerging tech, including artificial intelligence (AI), connected devices and robots, she has covered CES for The Guardian and her comments are quoted in the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence report. Joanna is an associate fellow at University of Westminster Law School and a Legal Geek Women in LawTech mentor.

dr sharon grossman

Dr. Sharon Grossman

Founder and Coach, Coaching by Sharon

Dr. Sharon Grossman is an Emotional Intelligence and productivity expert who helps lawyers become Mind Ninjas. Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience as a psychologist and coach, Dr. Sharon teaches strategies and mindsets that help her clients reach optimal work performance even in the face of stress. She is the author of the upcoming book The 7E Solution to Burnout, founder of the Academy for High Achievers, and creator and of the FREE mini-course Mind Ninja Your Stress which she created in response to the COVID-19 crisis. 

dennis kennedy

Dennis Kennedy

Executive Director, Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory

Dennis Kennedy is the Executive Director of Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory, a consulting innovator, tech attorney, and adjunct professor at both the University of Michigan Law School and Michigan State University College of Law. He wrote the legal technology column for the ABA Journal for many years, and has written several books on legal technology and innovation, including Making LinkedIn® Work for You, with Allison C. Shields. He is frequent speaker, co-hosts The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast on the Legal Talk Network, and can be found on Twitter at @denniskennedy.

chelsea lambert

Chelsey Lambert

Chief Tactical Officer and Co-Founder, Legal Tech Media Group, Legal Tech Publishing and Events.Legal

A passionate marketing and sales specialist, Chelsey is dedicated to serving the legal community. Her over fifteen-year tenure includes an impressive track record of executing programs as a leader in marketing, sales, operations, and product development. She has served as a Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association, authored the 2017 Legal Technology Buyers Guide, and Co-Authored the Legal Tech Publishing Buyers Guide series while garnering praise as a nationally renowned legal technology speaker and ABA TECHSHOW faculty member. Connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her blog at

Tom Lambotte

CEO, GlobalMac IT

Tom Lambotte is considered the top expert on leveraging technology to maximize productivity . His company, GlobalMac I.T. pioneered a business-first approach to leveraging Apple technology in law firms to systematically increase efficiencies though their proven process. His newest framework, the Optimize Method™, helps businesses make rapid progress in their team’s overall adoption and use of technology.
dr jordan leasure

Dr. Jordan Leasure, BA, DC, CCWP

Physician & Founder, Healthy Lawyer; Salutogenic Life; North Shore Pro-Active Health

Dr. Jordan Leasure is the Founder of Healthy Lawyer, a wellness consulting firm designed to address the specific wellness needs of attorneys and law firms. Dr. Leasure is also the Founding Physician of North Shore Pro-Active Health, a state-of-the-art wellness clinic in Chicago. She holds a Bachelors of Business degree with a focus on Psychology, a Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree, and a post-graduate Certification in Wellness Lifestyle. Dr. Leasure has advanced studies in Neurology, Functional Medicine, and Internal Disorders. Attorneys looking for a new approach to health and wellness will find a conversation with Dr. Leasure both enlightening and empowering.

Carole A. Levitt

Vice President,

Carole A. Levitt, is Vice President of CLE She is an internationally recognized CLE seminar speaker and ABA Law Practice Division author about Internet investigative and legal research; social media research; and social media ethics. Her most recent book is coming soon: Internet Legal Research on a Budget (2nd edition). She co-authored fourteen editions of The Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet. Previously, Carole was a California attorney, a law librarian in Chicago & Los Angeles, and a Legal Research Professor at Pepperdine School of Law. She graduated with distinction from The John Marshall Law School (Chicago) and served on the school’s law review.

adriana linares

Adriana Linares

Legal Technology Consultant, LawTech Partners

Adriana Linares is a legal technology consultant with her company, LawTech Partners. Using her practical and personal approach to technology she helps legal professionals use technology to maximize skills and investments through training and consulting. She served as Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2017; works as a technology consultant to the Florida Bar Board of Governors and serves as the Member Technology Officer of the San Diego County Bar Association. Listen to Adriana as she hosts monthly episodes of the New Solo podcast on the Legal Talk Network.

dave maxfield

Dave Maxfield

Founder and Attorney, Dave Maxfield Consumer Protection Law

Dave Maxfield runs a boutique consumer protection practice in Columbia, South Carolina, representing  onsumers in cases against banks, credit reporting agencies, and insurance companies. He’s the four-time chairman of the Consumer Law section of the S.C. Bar, and Past President of the 1900 member Richland County Bar. A self-described “Systems Geek, Dave is a four-time ABA Techshow speaker. In 2018, Dave and Larry Port wrote the ABA’s bestseller The Lean Law Firm to translate Lean practices from companies like Toyota and Intel into a simple, month-by-month template that law firms can use to become more profitable.

David Mead

Global Business Development, Qorus Software

David Mead is an SVP of Global Business Development with Qorus and works from the Qorus office in New Jersey. Since joining in 2013, David has led the growth of their client base and their use of Qorus sales enablement technology to win more business. Prior to Qorus, David led sales for Vermilion Software, a fintech company that automates the generation of pitchbooks and client investment reviews for institutional asset managers. David began his career with AT&T as a systems analyst and progressed through key assignments in marketing, operations, and global sales.

victor j medina

Victor J. Medina

Mac Aficionado & Certified Practice Coach, Medina Law Group

Victor J. Medina is the lead attorney for the Medina Law Group, an estate planning and elder law asset protection firm in Pennington, NJ (which is either by Trenton or by Princeton, depending on who is asking). In addition to practicing law, Victor is a certified practice coach for other lawyers through Atticus, and organizes an annual, national conference focused on using Macs in the law office called MacTrack Legal, being held this year on September 24-25, 2020 in Disney World. Victor suffers from an irresistible compulsion to purchase any shiny gadget manufactured by Apple on the first day it’s available, and all the expensive accessories to trick it out.

mark metzger

Mark C. Metzger

Attorney and Atticus Practice Advisor, Law Office of Mark C. Metzger

Mark Metzger has been a fixture in the legal tech universe since the 1990s. He’s been around long enough to have been on the Mac, on to Windows and back to the Mac, where he’s been since 2008. He is a 8-time ABA Techshow faculty member and a 9-time MacTrack/MILOfest faculty member. He presently runs a suburban Chicago law firm and leads professional practice coaching groups for Atticus, the nation’s oldest lawyer coaching company. RocketAid marks the return of the Metzger/Victor Medina duo, a legendary pairing of wiseacres guaranteed to please.

sharon d nelson

Sharon D. Nelson

President, Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Sharon D. Nelson is a practicing attorney and the president of Sensei Enterprises, Inc. She is a past president of the Virginia State Bar, the Fairfax Bar Association and the Fairfax Law Foundation. She is a co-author of 18 books published by the ABA.

Mark C. Palmer

Chief Counsel, Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism

Mark C. Palmer serves as Chief Counsel under the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism to facilitate the promotion of professionalism, civility, and integrity among our lawyers and judges in Illinois. Mark supports the legal and judicial systems to better provide equitable, efficient, and effective service to the public through education and outreach initiatives.

joe patrice

Joe Patrice

Senior Editor, Above the Law

Since 2013, Joe Patrice has been mocking lawyers for their own good at Above the Law. An NYU School of Law grad with stints at Cleary Gottlieb and Lankler Siffert & Wohl, Joe left the exciting world of white-collar defense to provide a dose of humor to America’s legal news coverage. In addition to covering lawyers, law firms, and the legal academy, Joe follows the legal tech field, watching luddite attorneys have the daily epiphany that there just might be a better way to do all this.

Larry Port

CEO, Rocket Matter

Larry Port is the founder and CEO of Rocket Matter, the leading cloud-based legal practice management software. Larry is also a speaker and award-winning writer at the crossroads of the legal profession and cutting-edge technology. His book, The Lean Law Firm: Run Your Firm Like the World’s Most Profitable and Efficient Businesses, was recently published by the American Bar Association. Larry frequently discusses design and efficiency as well as quality techniques in the software industry that can be leveraged by lawyers and other legal professionals. Larry was also named to the Fastcase 50 honoring the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries, and leaders.

catherine sanders reach

Catherine Sanders Reach

Director, North Carolina Bar Association Center for Practice Management

Catherine Sanders Reach is Director for the Center for Practice Management at the North Carolina Bar Association. Formerly she was Director, Law Practice Management and Technology for the Chicago Bar Association and the Director at the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center. She received a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa in 1997. In 2011 she was selected to be one of the inaugural Fastcase 50. In 2015 she was selected to be part of the ABA LTRC Women of Legal Tech. She was co-chair of the ABA TECHSHOW Board for 2020.

carmen rosas

Carmen Rosas

Attorney, Law Office of Carmen Rosas

Carmen Rosas is a mom, estate planning attorney, author, and founder of EmpowHer Yourself. She is dedicated to helping families gain peace of mind through effective estate planning. As a business owner and mother herself, she knows the importance of proper planning to protect our greatest assets. Carmen’s work has been seen on Forbes, HuffPost, and more. As a speaker, she has led international retreats, workshops, and motivational talks, including a leadership talk at Stanford University for over 200 women. Her podcast, Raising Queens, is an honest, ongoing conversation for women of all ages.

jay schwedelson

Jay Schwedelson

President & CEO, Worldata

As President and CEO of Worldata, Jay Schwedelson is responsible for driving strategic growth across all Worldata divisions. Under his leadership, Worldata has become the industry leader in acquisition marketing strategies, permission email marketing services and interactive advertising solutions. Among his career achievements, Jay has been awarded the DMCNY Silver Apple and has been named to Crain’s 100 Top Industry Professionals for 10 consecutive years. Schwedelson was the driving force behind Worldata’s transformation from a traditional direct response media firm into an interactive leader. He has launched divisions including, WebConnect and consulting services which have spurred the company’s overall success.

beth anne stuebe

Beth Anne Stuebe

Director of Publications and Press, International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)

Beth Anne Stuebe is the Director of Publications and Press for ILTA. With over 15 years of publishing, content management, and press experience, she enjoys implementing strategic press and media plans for events, publications, and surveys and has an ongoing fascination with all things #legaltech .

steve riley

Steve Riley

Shareholder / Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney, Atticus, Inc.

Steve Riley helps attorneys grow their practices. He has a way of helping attorneys who might be “stuck” and guides them through a process of self-discovery and discover a breakthrough. Steve is a shareholder in Atticus, the largest practice management company working with solo and small firm owners. He is the creator of the Practice Growth Program™, Dominate Your Market™, and “Double Your Revenue ™”. Prior to joining Atticus Steve built and sold his own law practice. He has written seven books, won a national award for practice innovation, and wrote a national column on practice management.
allison c shields_johs

Allison C. Shields-Johs

President, Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.

Allison C. Shields-Johs, President of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc., provides marketing, social media, business development, productivity and practice management coaching and consulting services for lawyers and law firms. She writes and lectures on these and other topics for bar associations, law schools, and other legal associations and is the co-author of several books, including, most recently, Make LinkedIn Work for You, A Practical Handbook for Lawyers and Other Legal Professionals, with Dennis Kennedy. Allison also writes the Legal Ease Blog at Her website, Lawyer Meltdown, provides resources and information for lawyers about managing and building their practices.

john w simek

John W. Simek

Vice President, Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

John W. Simek is vice president of Sensei Enterprises, Inc. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Certified Ethical Hacker and a nationally known expert in the area of digital forensics. He and Sharon D. Nelson provide legal technology, cybersecurity and digital forensics services from their Fairfax, Virginia firm.

bryan sims

Bryan Sims

Business Litigation Attorney, Sims Law Firm, Ltd.

Bryan Sims is the founder and principal of Sims Law Firm, Ltd., where he concentrates his practice in the areas of commercial litigation and civil appeals. Before entering private practice, he clerked for Illinois Supreme Court Justice S. Louis Rathje. His office is as paperless as a law office can be. He frequently speaks on the intersection of law and technology.

alvin tedjamulia

Alvin Tedjamulia

Executive VP & Chief Technology Officer, NetDocuments

As NetDocuments founder and Chief Technology Officer, Alvin Tedjamulia is an industry thought-leader in the areas of security and software-as-a-service. He drives the NetDocuments technical vision. He founded and sold companies like SoftSolutions to Novell and originally architected Comprehensive Law Office (CLO) which is now part of Aderant. Alvin predicted the value of software-as-a-service and started NetDocuments in 1996 to fulfill that vision. NetDocuments now delivers billions of documents globally, proving the value of SaaS. Alvin pioneered the application of entropic encryption to document storage. He is a popular technology and legal industry speaker, renowned for his story telling and thematic presentations.

preston thomas

Preston Thomas

Compliance Counsel, Dialpad

Preston comes to startup life off of a decade in Big Law and Washington DC telecommunications policy. By mitigating risks and mythbusting misconceptions, he wants to help other lawyers benefit from the cloud-based, AI-enabled future of modern communications. Preston helps Dialpad and its customers find practical solutions for achieving unified communications that comply with the endlessly growing body of applicable law (GDPR & CCPA, HIPAA, TCPA, client confidentiality, and counting) while delivering powerful features to have better conversations and Work from Anywhere™.
lily toy

Lily Toy

VP & General Counsel, Dialpad

Lily is the General Counsel at Dialpad. Previously, she served as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Telenav. Prior to that, she was a corporate attorney at K&L Gates, Fenwick & West and Shearman & Sterling.

craig walker

Craig Walker

Co-founder & CEO, Dialpad

Craig is the Founder and CEO at Dialpad. Previously, he was Founder and CEO of GrandCentral Communications (now Google Voice) and prior to that, ran Yahoo! Voice as the Senior Director of VoIP at Yahoo!

zach warren

Zach Warren

Editor-in-Chief, Legaltech News

Zach Warren is the editor-in-chief of Legaltech News, a national magazine of ALM Media. In his role, Zach leads daily coverage for one of the premier outlets for legal technology news, while writing and editing both feature and daily articles for and in The American Lawyer and Corporate Counsel print magazines. Before LTN, Zach worked at InsideCounsel magazine and sports analytics startup numberFire. He currently lives with his wife and two rescue dogs in St. Paul, Minnesota, and received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and MBA from the University of Minnesota.

jeff white

Jeff White

Chief Revenue Officer, Rocket Matter

Jeff White, Rocket Matter’s Chief Revenue Officer, has been an industry leader in the payments software industry for over 18 years. He has held executive leadership roles at companies like TouchSuite, Pensmore, Driven CRM, and KnowTia Corporation; building a reputation as a leader, mentor, and innovator in their respective industries. Prior to joining Rocket Matter, Jeff was the Founder and CEO of Pensmore Software, which was acquired in 2015 by American Bancard (dba TouchSuite). Jeff and his wife Angela are the proud parents of their three sons, Haden, Dawson and Logan.

Elizabeth A. Whitman

Managing Member, Whitman Legal Solutions, LLC

Whitman Legal Solutions, LLC is a boutique law practice focusing on business and real estate law. Elizabeth has worked remotely for more than 15 years and during her nine years as a telecommuting General Counsel, was twice featured in the Association of Corporate Counsel’s ACC Docket.

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