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3 New Law Firm Videos on Cybersecurity, Freelance Attorneys and Kanban Boards

Rocket Academy provides online educational videos for lawyers, taught by industry leaders who discuss law practice management, marketing, productivity, and technology tools, tips, and strategies, to help law firms become more efficient, adapt, and grow. Here are three new videos that were added to the collection. Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Law Firm Data Learn […]

Using the Kanban System to Become a More Agile Attorney

Here’s the slide deck from John E. Grant’s excellent presentation on using the Kanban system to improve project management and drive process improvement in your law practice. See webinar description here. Using kanban to become a more agile attorney from Rocket Matter, LLC The webinar recording is in post-production and will be up on Rocket […]

webinar - law practice management design and workflows

[Webinar] Using Kanban to Become a More Agile Attorney

Every day more attorneys and legal teams are turning to Lean and Agile methodologies to improve their delivery of legal services. This webinar will introduce you to Kanban, one of the easiest Agile tools to adopt but one of the most powerful for improving project management and driving process improvement. Kanban, which translates to “card” […]

Try Daily Stand-Ups For Law Firm Project Management

I discovered daily stand-ups, the Agile method used by software developers, when I started at Rocket Matter, a legal technology company. How I wish I knew about this practice back when I was heading up law firm library and continuing legal education departments. Here’s how it works: Team members hold face-to-face meetings at the same time every day. […]

Legal Project Management: Why Lawyers Should Get Agile

As legal professionals join the project management party, hopefully they can benefit by arriving late. Other industries have invented project management techniques, many of which were reactions to previous methodologies that didn’t quite work. Software, for example, has seen technique after technique come and go, leaving failed initiatives in their wake.


Top 10 Tips for Law Firms Gleaned from the Software Industry

Designing and delivering software is not an easy task. Over the years, project management methodologies, techniques, and creative tools have emerged to help software teams manage projects and avoid failure. We at Rocket Matter utilize Agile Project Management, which we’ve found to be highly efficient and effective for error-reduction. ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) published […]