Grow your firm with matter templates

Use Matter Templates to Automate Your Firm’s Workflow

Odds are, you create the same kinds of matters over and over again.  You have the same deadlines, same roles in the case, and the same tasks you have to complete. Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to create those things by hand?  Turns out you don’t. Rocket Matter’s new Matter Templates feature really […]

Boost Revenues Webinar

[Webinar Wrap-Up] Boost Revenues in 2017 with Automated Recurring Payments and Workflows

In case you missed it (or if you want to see it again!), here are the slides and video from our recent webinar: Boost Revenues in 2017 with Automated Recurring Payments and Workflows. Discover how to boost your revenues significantly, collect money automatically, and save a lot of time with the latest additions to Rocket […]

legal billing problems

Corporate Client: "Law Firms are Terrible at Billing." How to Fix It

Billing conversations are critical to a positive relationship between law firms and clients and yet law firms are terrible at this. So proclaims Alex Dimitrief, General Electric’s general counsel. And he should know: the company farms out work to more than 200 firms worldwide. Mr. Dimitrier identified two primary legal billing problems: transparency and timeliness. […]

legal billing practices

15 Legal Billing Practices: The Good and the Bad

Bad legal billing practices have plagued law firm operations and, in turn, law firm growth for decades. Entering time, collecting time sheets, and assembling bills can steal inordinate amounts of otherwise productive time, even from the most ambitious lawyers. Clients routinely wait months to be billed after the relevant work was performed, and that results […]

5 Billing Mistakes Solos and Small Firms Make

When asked if billing is important, most attorneys would readily agree, but it is one of the least prioritized tasks in many small firms and solo practices. The processes and procedures that are put in place regarding billing, however, are proof of the old cliché “actions speak louder than words.” You might not be doing […]

Alternative fee arrangements

How Many Alternative Fee Arrangements Are There?

The death of the billable hour has been greatly exaggerated over the years. Billing by the hour for services rendered is standard and will always be on the table — in the legal industry and beyond. But, clients are increasingly demanding alternatives fee arrangements (AFAs). In other words, clients want efficiency, transparency, and affordable and […]

lawyer paid

Lawyers: What To Do If You Are Not Getting Paid

Nothing is worse than performing work and not getting paid. Its frustrating and stressful. I’m sure that you want to avoid litigation which can be a lengthy process with legal fees usually starting around $3,500 and skyrocketing depending on the work. Litigation is also emotionally draining, causing sleepless nights. With that in mind, here are […]

legal billing

7 Steps to Fixing Your Legal Billing Problem

The following post is the sixth in a six-part series on legal billing excerpted from our white paper, Houston, We Have a Billing Problem. Instead of immediately trying to get your firm to Level Five proficiency with billing, concentrate on advancing one level at a time. Establishing good practices takes time, and the following steps […]