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Editorial Calendar Options For Law Firm Blogs

Ever sit down to write a blog post and end up spending more time coming up with a relevant, useful topic to write about than actually writing the post? Having a library of blog post ideas helps. See: How to Increase Your Blogging Productivity With Evernote. Unpacking that library of ideas into an editorial calendar […]

Free Image Editing Tools For Your Law Firm Blog Posts

Images draw people in. They tell a story. They add to the aesthetic of your blog and blog posts. And, they automatically attach to social media updates, catching the readers’ eye as they scroll through their feeds. However, blogging takes up enough time without going on a hunting expedition for that perfect image for every […]

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Top 10 Legal Productivity Posts of 2015

Lawyers using Twitter and Dropbox, getting to a paperless law office, and building law firm websites were among the most widely read posts of 2015 here on the Legal Productivity blog. A special thanks to you, our community of faithful readers, and to our awesome staff and guest writers. Without further ado, here are the […]

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10 Ideas and Examples for Law Firm Blog Posts

During a recent presentation on blogging and social media, the number one question was “What should law firms blog about?” There are myriad reasons to blog and topics to blog about. See: Why Do You Blog? 23 Lawyers Weigh In. Here are 10 blogging ideas for lawyers and law firms with a few standout examples. […]

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Enhance Your Paralegal Performance and Career with Blogging, Social Media and Technology

Note: This post, though addressed to paralegals, may be applied across the industry to include lawyers and legal professionals. After a dozen years as library director at a law firm in New York City, I left in 2008 to start my own CLE consultancy. I grew the business by joining Twitter, creating a LinkedIn Group, […]

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Top 10 Legal Blogs on Running a Law Firm

A few folks I met recently at a conference had kind things to say about this blog and asked if I could recommend other blogs that cover the business and practice of law; blogs that are useful to both solos and larger law firms. I promised a blog post (naturally) and here it is: an […]

The Right Image Sizes For Blogs and Social Media

Using the right image for your blog or social media posts won’t solve world hunger or cure cancer, but if you’re putting content out there, you may as well do it right. The bottom line is, social photos generate more engagement. Not convinced? Twitter data scientist, Douglas Mason, analyzed millions of Tweets and determined that […]


21 Tools For Lawyers Who Blog

If you’re not blogging and need some inspiration to start, check out Why Do You Blog? 23 Lawyers Weigh In. And use WordPress, the number one blogging platform. It’s intuitive, free, and has an amazing community of helpful users and developers. It’s also a robust content management systems that you can use to build your […]

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Why Do You Blog? 23 Lawyers Weigh In

Blogging means different things to different people but I’m less interested in narrowly defining blogging, than examining why lawyers blog. So I went to the source and asked: “Why do you blog?” Twenty-three lawyers responded, some of whom have been at it for a very long time. Several have their own practice or are part […]