Blogging for Lawyers

Blogging for Lawyers: 5 Tips To Get Started

How many times have you heard from “the experts” that you need to start blogging? And how many times have you thought to yourself “Yeah right. Like I have time for that.” Or perhaps you think to yourself, “Who on earth wants to listen to what I have to say?” The problem is, “the experts” […]

Social Media and Blogging Advice from Lawyers and Law Firm Administrators

I attended the second annual Social Media Marketing Summit for Law Firms yesterday in New York City, hosted by Business Development Institute. Most of the excellent speakers and panelists were lawyers, law firm administrators, and in-house counsel, discussing why and how they use content – blogs and social media – to find clients and counsel. Kevin […]

Legal Productivity Q&A Video Series

Is Blogging Dead?

This is the latest edition in our quick-and-practical Q&A style videos. Questions come from social channels, keyword analysis, and readers of this blog. A transcript accompanies each video. Is Blogging Dead? on Vimeo. The question is: “Is blogging dead?”. The answer is “absolutely not.” Blogging is not what it was for people in 2006 and […]

How to Use Trello as a Blog Editorial Calendar

If you blog regularly or manage one, editorial calendars are essential. It helps you develop and deliver useful, varied content on time. It’s especially useful for blogs with multiple authors. There is no shortage of Google spreadsheet templates, WordPress calendar plugins and other tools – many of which I’ve tried and found lacking – for […]

Feedly Tips For Your Blog

Now that Google Reader is a distant memory and Feedly stepped in without missing a beat, it’s time to rebuild your blog subscriptions by making it easy for readers to subscribe via their Feedly account. Here are a few tips. Add a Feedly Follow button to your blog If someone likes what they read on […]

Does Your Blog Need a Comment Policy?

The ability to comment on a piece of work separates a dynamic blog from a static website. Comments also put the “social” in “social media,” an umbrella that blogs often fall under. But does monitoring trolls and spam make comments more trouble than they’re worth? Some, like Popular Science, have settled their own internal debate […]

Turn Your Evernote Content Into Blog Posts With

If you use Evernote to store blog post ideas and to create first drafts of posts – like we do – you can now skip the middle man (blogging platforms), and post directly to your blog, with is so tightly integrated, you’ll need your Evernote credential to login and use the platform. To […]

WordPress Video Tutorials for Bloggers

If you blog or want to create an easy-to-manage website, consider using the popular (and free!) WordPress platform. Writing a post or publishing a page is straightforward using the intuitive WordPress dashboard. But if you want to be more creative and dig a little – as we all inevitably do – you’ll probably have to […]

6 Useful Google Blogging Tools

Even with Google Reader’s demise, lack of support for Google Feedburner (FeedBlitz is a good alternative), and lethargic Google Alerts, Google still provides great tools for bloggers. And they’re free! Here are 6 useful tools. 1. Google Trends – Find out what people are searching for right now in the United State or other countries. […]