App of the Week: Blogsy – Blogging on the iPad

Are you a regular blogger and love the WordPress platform like we do? Or maybe you use Blogger, TypePad, Joomla, or Tumblr. Thing is, regardless of the platform, you want to blog on the device that’s handy; the one that you have just about everywhere you go – your iPad. Many of the blogging platforms […]

Monthly Blog Maintenance Checklist

Like anything you want to keep healthy and well oiled, blogs need regular maintenance. Set aside a few minutes each month and follow these these steps to keep your blog fit, fast and secure. Some of the tips outlined below refer to WordPress blogs, but most platforms offer similar tools. 1. Update themes, plugins and […]

Optimize Your WordPress Blog With SEO Yoast Plugin

When chatting with lawyers about the benefits of blogging and sharing the tools and practices that make it less burdensome, eyes glaze over by the time I get to navigating Search Engine Optimization, Google Keyword Tool, etc. To ease concerns, I suggest using WordPress as the blogging platform and installing the free, powerful, SEO Yoast […]

7 Content Generating Tips for Niche Blogging Lawyers

Anyone can blog, but not everyone devotes the time and effort it takes to run a useful, successful blog. Some write just to unburden themselves – blogging as therapy, if you will. Others write because they have something unique to share. It’s easy for lawyers to identify a blogging niche: an area of practice, like […]

10 Lessons From 5 Years of Legal Blogging

During the 2013 ABA Techshow, I was deeply privileged to talk shop with a few law bloggers that I follow and admire. Then a friend and fellow blogger approached me and introduced a colleague about to take the plunge, and asked what advice I could offer. Only after following up with an email did I […]


Top 10 Blogging Tools to Manage and Grow Your Blog

Lawyers, legal professionals, anyone with a product, service, or message to sell or share can agree that blogging is important. It’s a home base for your online activities: a place create helpful, original content, point your social networks, and in the process, build your brand. But it takes time and effort. And consistency. Here are […]

Want to Blog? 5 Blogging Platforms to Consider

When I started blogging about five years ago, the choice of blogging platforms were many. Should I go with a pure blogging-only platform like Google’s Blogger? A content management, traditional website-looking platform like Joomla or Drupal with a blogging add-on? Or one that combines the two, like WordPress? It was all a bit confusing for […]

4 Steps to Quickly Secure Your WordPress Blog

Millions use the WordPress platform for their blogs, and since it’s also a great content management system, many also use it to host their websites. Of course, hackers love popular platforms, so although WordPress is pretty secure out of the box, and they provide regular security updates, it never hurts to ramp up security. Fortunately, […]

blog post checklist

12-Point Blog Post Checklist

It’s time to write a blog post and you’ve opened your Evernote blog post ideas notebook as you settle in to compose the first draft. From that moment to publishing the post and spreading the word, you need to remember a few important steps to take. Here’s a checklist to follow every time you write […]