6 Free Tools For Efficient, Effective Blogging

For solos, small firms and just about anyone with a digital presence, having a blog as home base is useful. As a marketing and communications platform, the benefits are well known, but blogging takes time and effort and consistency. Fortunately, an ever expanding supply of great tools help to make the process more streamlined and […]

6 Blogging Productivity Tips

Blogging is a great way to build your reputation and market your expertise, but consistently putting out useful content can be a chore. Here are a few productivity tips to help you streamline that process. 1. Use Evernote to store ideas and headlines This practice has been the biggest blogging productivity boost for me. We […]

Get Quick Blogging Insights With Google Analytics

For law offices, legal services, or anyone building a practice or brand, content rules. Putting out useful, quality content. And blogs provide the forum. But how is your content performing? Google Analytics can show you. And it’s free! You can do a deep dive with the tons of information that this robust application provides but […]

5 WordPress Plugins for Better Blogging

If you blog, you’re heard of the open source WordPress platform. We’re huge advocates. Making a great experience even better are the excellent free plugins provided by the vibrant WordPress community. We occasionally bring you a few of our favorites. Here are five more. 1. Google Analytics for WordPress No blog is complete without analytics. […]

Free and Low Cost Options For Hosting Your WordPress Blog

We’re big advocates of the WordPress platform for blogging. Not the free WordPress.com so much as the self-hosted WordPress.org. But although the platform is open source (read: free), you’ll need a web hosting service the hoist the blog. Most of these services are lost cost and some are even free. Free options If you’re willing […]

Can WordPress Plugins Slow Down Your Blog?

There are tons of posts written about WordPress plugins that extend the functionality of your blog. I’ve added my two cents. But can too many plugins slow down your site? We’ve all been to websites that take forever to load and we often leave without viewing a single page. The speed at which a site […]

Convert Blog Posts to Audio and Listen on the Go

Is your RSS reader overflowing? Are the choice pieces you saved to Instapaper to read later, unread? Have a dozen or more brower tabs open with interesting blog posts that you’ll “definitely” get to today? Yes, yes, and yes. Maybe converting the blog posts to audio could help. Since rejoining the gym, I’ve been looking […]

Use Evernote as an Ideas File for Your Blog Posts

Producing consistent, relevant content is a challenge for many bloggers as the thousands, even millions of outdated blogs can attest. Evernote can help. The popular application is used for a host of productivity enhancing functions, with one of the more useful being a repository for blog posts ideas. Getting started Create an account and download […]

3 Ways to Promote Your New Blog

You’ve read about the many virtues of blogging and started a blog of your own. Useful, current content will bring a few eyes, but for traffic numbers you’ll need to promote the blog. Here are three ways to do just that: 1. Social Media Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen Twitter and Facebook […]

5 Excuses Not to Blog

The virtues of blogging range from marketing your practice to personal enrichment. And people are listening as thousands of new blogs are created every day. But you haven’t. Why not? Here are some of the more common reasons: 1. I don’t have the time – I’m starting with the most obvious reason, and frankly, the […]