Use WordPress for More Than Blogging

If you blog, the free and open source WordPress is the way to go. The number of sites built with WordPress is over 60 million and counting. Why it is so popular? It offers a range of features and flexibility, with a simple and intuitive backend user interface. It’s optimized for search engines. Oh, and […]

How to Increase Your Blogging Productivity With Evernote

We’re big believers in blogging and love Evernote, so it was just a matter of time before we combined the two for an optimized blogging experience. Evernote can be used to store blog post ideas, links, images, quotes, and drafts of posts. Compose and access information via Evernote’s desktop application, mobile app or the website. […]

5 Helpful Blogs about Blogging for Lawyers

I’ve come across a few posts recently recommending great blogs about blogging. Like 10 Amazing Blogs About Blogging to Start Reading NOW and 10 Terrific Creative Writing Blogs. Missing from these lists are the very helpful blogs about the art of blogging that are geared towards lawyers. Blogs come and go, including blogs about blogging. […]

Easy Techniques for Populating Your Kingdom of Content

The inconvenient truth about blogging is that posting fewer than three times a week will consign you to the “hobbyist” category as far as search engines are concerned. And despite what legal blogging mavens might lead you to believe, regardless of how finely crafted and niche-specific your content is, without frequent posts your blog is […]

Is a Blog Just Graffiti With Punctuation?

“A blog is not writing. It’s graffiti with punctuation” With those words in the movie Contagion, Dr. Sussmann (Elliott Gould) dismissed Alan Krumwiede (Jude Law), a blogger who was attempting to shed light on a shadowy government policy. With 12 millions unique visitors, Krumwiede’s blog carried some weight, but was viewed by Sussman as a […]

Privacy Settings? Focus On Your Online Discourse

Yesterday, I came across a spot-on post by Fastcase, Online Privacy Takes Another Hit which was based on the Slate article, The Leaky Nature of Online Privacy . The Slate piece suggests that we consider being more open so that we become more trustworthy. Trustworthy? To whom? I suggest instead, that we pay more attention […]

RSS Readers – Get What You Want Without Having to Search for It

In yesterday’s post we chatted about digital book reading. Today we switch focus to blogs and the news online and how to efficiently track and consume our favorite sites! We’re bombarded with online news and information. And for the first time in history more people get news online than from newspapers. Technorati, which has been tracking […]

5 Basic SEO Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Blog

If you blog (and you should), it doesn’t get any better than WordPress. We here at Rocket Matter are unabashed evangelizers for the self-hosted WordPress platform. But there are millions of blogs out there. To stand out you’ll need quality, current content. Search – Google, Yahoo, Bing — drives traffic. So you’ll also need a […]