Should Lawyers Ditch Their WordPress Blogs for Tumblr?

I’ve come across a few discussions recently about moving blogs from TypePad or Posterous to Tumblr. Hey, if were blogging on those platforms, I’d be looking for alternatives too. But, ditching WordPress for Tumblr? No. With headlines proclaiming that Tumblr has surpassed WordPress in the total number of blogs (if you don’t count the self-hosted […]

How to Quickly Set Up a WordPress Blog for Your Law Office

Much has been written about the importance of bogging for lawyers and law firms. We’re here to help you set up a killer blog in no time! You see, I was once that novice…not so many years ago…but with lots of research and a sleepless night or two, I successfully created several blogs on the WordPress self-hosted platform using the inexpensive web host, Bluehost.

4 Resources to Create Amazing Attorney Websites

Let’s assume, for a second, that your law firm has a website (your law firm has a website, right?) The question then become, is your website earning its keep? That’s a tough question. At the very least, your website should tell the world what you do, hopefully start persuading your audience to take a closer […]

ABA Report: Perspectives On Finding Personal Legal Services

Recently the ABA released “Perspectives on Finding Personal Legal Services”, the results of an opinion poll concerning, among other things, how people find lawyers. The report has inspired comments from several respected voices in the space. Some of the most controversial conclusions concern the impact – or alleged lack thereof – of social media on an individual’s decision to hire a lawyer.

Legal Cloud Computing a Cornerstone of Law 2.0, Says Report

A paper called “Law 2.0: Intelligent Architecture for Transactional Law” from University of Colorodo’s Silicon Flatirons Roundtable Series on Entrepreneurship has some of the deepest, hard-hitting thinking you’ll come across concerning the present and future state of lawyers, their clients, and the technology changing the industry. Props to Jason Mendelson for blogging about the article […]

Legal Bloggers: Getting Your Content Scraped? Fight Back!

Content scraping is an obvious copyright violation, but, if one writes well and often enough, as the introductory quote from blogger Eileen Smith’s post about dealing with the fallout of being ‘scraped’ indicates, it becomes a fact of life online. So, what’s a legal content producer to do?

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for Lawyers : Nagging Questions

Yesterday at the MILOFest conference someone confessed they were on the sidelines of the social media ballgame and was wondering what Twitter was used for and how much time to spend on it. In response, here are some stills from a recent presentation I gave on social media for law firms. Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn […]

Free Webinar: How to Design Your Own Blog and Website with Headway

We’re very excited to have the Co-Founder of Headway Themes this Friday to demonstrate how to design your own blog and website with Headway! Click here to register Host: Grant Griffiths, Co-Founder of Headway Themes When: Friday, November 5th at 12PM EST CLE: NONE Description: Want a blog and website you can update and modify without having to […]