Dropbox vs. Box For Law Firms

Dropbox vs Box for Law Firms: A Comparison of Essential Features and Security Protocols

Dropbox and Box are the Coke and Pepsi of document storage, synching, and collaboration applications. They offer variations on types of subscription plans, storage capacity, sharing, and security. In How Lawyers Use Dropbox, we learned about the different ways lawyers use the application in their practice. But, Box has made a concerted push into the […]

Should Law Firms Switch From Dropbox to Box?

Over 65% of lawyers have downloaded dropbox. Here’s how they use the document storing, synching, and sharing app. But, is there a better option? Law firms should also consider Box. I use the big three: Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. And not just because between the three I’ll never have to pay for extra storage […]