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Law Firm Marketing: Build Your Brand With Content, Social Media and SEO

Increasing online brand awareness is not easy. It takes consistent, relevant, useful content, effective use of social media and the adoption of SEO best practices to really drive it. While most law firms consider each of these different elements separately, successful firms know that driving their brand takes an integrated approach that combines them all […]

Lawyer Branding: Building Your Online Voice

Whether you work for a large law firm in the city or a small firm in the ‘burbs, clients want to know who’s behind the corporate brand. They want to connect with the person with whom they’re about to share their painful, often devastating, story. They want someone they can trust. Same with other lawyers […]

Law Firm Branding

Law Firm Branding or Individual Attorney Branding?

During a recent Law Firm Branding presentation Taylor TenBrook and I did for the wonderful folks at Lunch Hour Legal Marketing, the discussion that intrigued me the most wasn’t the one on brand promise, or congruency, or the psychology of logos, tag lines, colors and fonts, or even brand audits – all essential brand elements. […]