Law firm online marketing checklists

Online Marketing Checklists for Law Firms

Two things to keep in mind when crafting your firm’s online marketing efforts: 1) get the optimization basics down and don’t get overwhelmed with bottomless lists of tips and technical jargon, and 2) memorialize repeatable processes so you don’t miss a step. In other words, create your own set of checklists as you fine tune […]

checklists for lawyers

Checklists for Lawyers

The Checklist Manifesto brought checklists out of the closet. Checklists reduce errors. They facilitate consistency and completeness in carrying out tasks and avoiding mistakes, and provide a kind of cognitive net, catching mental flaws inherent in all of us — flaws of memory and attention and thoroughness. Checklists can improve outcomes for everyone – from […]

blog post checklist

12-Point Blog Post Checklist

It’s time to write a blog post and you’ve opened your Evernote blog post ideas notebook as you settle in to compose the first draft. From that moment to publishing the post and spreading the word, you need to remember a few important steps to take. Here’s a checklist to follow every time you write […]

Checklist For Creating Great Quality Video

Identify who is searching for you online Identify content they want to know, not content you want to tell them Create content that is compelling, educational and interesting Let’s get specific here. Let’s say you are a real estate attorney looking to improve your online marketing. The first thing you need to do is determine […]