Not Miserable Continuing Legal Education

The Least Miserable Way to Earn CLE (Continuing Legal Education)

EDITORS NOTE: Outkick CLE bills itself as “The least miserable way to earn CLE.” Anyone who’s attended or viewed endless hours of continuing legal education programs – often to learn, but sometimes, just to fulfill mandatory requirements – will recognize the pithy statement as a standard that’s yearned for. The provider achieves this lofty goal […]

CLE Providers

Top CLE Providers

Many state and local bar associations, law schools, and organizations offer continuing legal education (CLE) courses – in-person and online, live and on-demand – to their members. Attorneys can also attend or view programs from national CLE providers, some of whom partner with the aforementioned associations. Here are the top national CLE providers with well […]

Law Firm Department Resources: Continuing Legal Education

Some large law firms have dedicated CLE staff and departments, but many firms fold their CLE personnel into other departments like Marketing, Professional Development, and yes, the Library. CLE professionals in law firms handle a range of tasks that include tracking attorneys compliance with mandatory requirements, getting the firm CLE accredited, plan courses, and run […]

Do You Need CLE Accreditation to Sell Your Webinar or Presentation?

Let’s get the answer out of the way: No, you don’t need CLE accreditation to significantly increase registrations for your presentations. What you need are relevant, useful topics that answer a question or solve a problem. Oh, and knowledgable, prepared speakers. Maddingly archaic continuing legal education (CLE) rules and regs render many of the more […]

CLE Reciprocity: Can Lawyers Earn Credit for Courses Taken in Another State?

Most lawyers in the United States are required to attend a minimum number of accredited continuing legal education courses each year. Forty-five states now have mandatory requirements, some demanding up to 15 credits hours each year. But lawyers don’t need to limit themselves to courses accredited in their state only – in some cases they […]

Do Continuing Legal Education Speaking Gigs Pay?

Blogging and engaging on social media are great marketing tools for lawyers, but nothing establishes expertise and gains meaningful exposure like speaking gigs. But do they pay? Some may posit that the reward, or payment if you will, is the exposure, resulting in a stream of potential clients. Others bottom-line payment to hard cash, certainly […]

Lawyers: How to Become a CLE Speaker and then be Invited Back

If you would like to speak for a CLE organization the best way to do so is to email the organization, preferably whoever acts as the Curriculum Director or the attorney who tends to handle seminars in your area of practice. Include a brief bio, a resume and a description of your topic. While CLE […]

App of the Week: Learn on the Go With CLE Mobile

Lawyers can listen to courses and earn CLE credit on their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with CLE Mobile, the award winning app from WestLegalEd Center. After downloading CLE Mobile you’ll need login credentials to start using the app. If you don’t have an account, sign up on the website. Courses cover both hot law topics […]

Bar Associations Offer Free and Discounted Continuing Legal Education

There are quality, fee-based continuing legal education programs that lawyers can attend or view, but in this era of tightening purses, it’s prudent to check out affordable alternatives to satisfy some of your CLE obligations Provisions for free continuing legal education for bar members are baked into the rules of some states like Florida,