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How Does Legal Practice Management Software Improve Client Service?

By now it’s pretty obvious how legal practice management (LPM) software helps lawyers manage their practice more efficiently and effectively. The benefits include: Capturing more billable time Timely billing and invoicing with just a couple of clicks Integrated tasks and calendar management Document storage and assembly Access to analytics to gain a deeper understanding of […]

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Law Firm Client Service: Building Your A-Team

Excellent client service should be at the core of what law firms do. It’s what clients, in an increasingly competitive legal services market, have come to expect and demand. It’s how all “business development” conversations should start. Consider your clients as partners. Listen to them. Learn everything about them. Learn from them. This extends to […]

Excelling at Law Firm Client Service: Start With Setting Expectations

Many of today’s law firms fail to realize that the road to client satisfaction begins with setting expectations. It’s a concept that is not exclusive to the practice of law, but will undeniably set the tone for your attorney-client relationship. Ultimately, the better your clients’ experience, the more loyal and satisfied they’ll be. If you […]

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How to Use Lean Metrics to Measure and Deliver Exceptional Law Firm Client Service

You may have heard of the popular business improvement methodology known simply as the Lean Approach. Many businesses are adopting part or all of the powerful strategies to reduce waste and increase output. What you may not have realized, is that one of the core concepts of the lean approach is to maximize the value customers receive. […]

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[Webinar] Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: How Law Firms Deliver Exceptional Client Service

The better firms are at communicating with their clients, the better they will be at serving their clients. The better your firm serves its clients, the better the experience. A great experience with your law firm means happy clients, and happy clients will continue to hire you and recommend your firm to everyone. When: Thursday, […]