Rocket Matter Sponsoring MILOFest CLE Accreditation in 17 States

We at Rocket Matter are proud supporters of MILOFest 2010, a Mac Lovin’ Lawyer Conference held in Orlando FL. This year we provided CLE accreditation for the conference in 10 states, which via reciprocity, is available in 17 states. Program Description: MILOfest 2010 is a conference for attorneys interested in Macs, iPhones, iPads and anything […]

Looking Forward to ACLEA Annual Convention

This weekend and early next week, the leaders of continuing legal education will gather in New York City for the 46th annual convention for ACLEA. As speakers and providers of educational legal content, we’re proud supporters of ACLEA and look forward to both exhibiting and attending. We like ACLEA not just for the novelty of […]

Come to MILOFest 2010 with your new 4G iPhone!

For the Mac-loving attorney, or the Mac-curious attorney for that matter, no better conference can be found than MILOFest (MILO = Macs in Law Office)! Reserve November 11-13 on your calendar and get ready to write off a trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL. The information you’ll learn is terrific, and take it from […]

Why Conferences are Worth It: Observations on ACLEA

Conventions are an amazing thing, and combined with social media, a more lasting and perfect thing. As one attendee who’s been coming here since 1985 told me: ¬†“If I learn one pearl of wisdom, it’s worth the price.” ¬†Personally, I find that being exposed to different people in different lines of work allow me to […]