Starting a Law Practice using Mind Maps

One of the best ways to boost your legal productivity, aside from using dedicated legal productivity software, is to embrace mind maps. We keep revisiting mind maps in our posts because they’re one of the most powerful collaboration and brainstorming tools we use here at Rocket Matter for all aspects of our operations. Carolyn Elefant […]

Law Firm Web Applications: Learn Tips, Shortcuts, And How to Use Them

We software developers have been blessed with an incredible help site called Stack Overflow, written by one of the supreme nerd leaders and preeminent bloggers, the great Joel Spolsky. For the SaaSy consumer, the Stack Overflow people created Web Applications Stack Exchange, a terrific public forum for learning the ins and outs of cloud-based tools […]

The Pomodoro Technique – Supercharge Your Efficiency + Legal Productivity (Part 1)

Let’s face it: lawyers have to wear a lot of hats. Before you know it, your day can be over and you feel like you’ve gotten nothing accomplished. Like the Getting Things Done personal organizational system, The Pomodoro Technique is popular in technology circles but I haven’t seen a wide discussion of it in Legal. […]

New Google Chrome for Mac Release adds Bookmark Manager

Thanks to Jim Halberg from NextPoint for pointing out that Google released a new version of Chrome with Bookmark Manager. Bookmark Manager crashed Chrome the first time I used it, but that’s another story. In any case, this development renders my previous post irrelevant. And now Chrome sits alone at the top of the heap. Chrome, I […]

How to Keep Social Media from Dominating Your Life

Social Media, whether Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, LinkedIn, Flickr, or something else, is like a huge train whizzing by.  Some people are trying desperately to get on it (enter the snake oil salesmen) while others are spending a little too much time on it. For those of you on the Social Media train, how often do […]

Blogging on an iPhone

I’m writing this post on an iPhone using an app called BlogWriter. It interfaces with most blog platforms, including WordPress. Typing on an iPhone is a frustrating endeavor at best, so why would anyone want an app like this? The beauty, as I see it at least, is the ability to capture ideas while you’re […]

Managing Bookmarks for Google Chrome on the Mac

Google’s Chrome is a great browser.  It’s very, very fast, which is the primary reason I’m using it.  It has some cool features, too.  For instance, there’s no little window on the upper right for searching.  You type your search query directly into the address bar (it took a leap of faith and great confusion […]