Evernote For Lawyers: Client Confidentiality and the "Reasonable Care" Standard

As lawyers increasingly explore and adopt cloud-based (online) applications, fear and confusion about security, privacy, and client confidentiality often go along for the ride. Caution is, of course, prudent, and researching the technical and ethical issues is essential, but let’s do away with the fear and confusion. Baseline security and privacy requirement Just about all […]

Thoughts on Judges, Lawyers, and Social Media During My Jury Service

Jury service rarely occurs at a convenient time, but after serving you experience a groundswell of civic pride and respect for the judicial process. That process includes instructions from the judge to not discuss or research the case or the participants – with friends, family…and on social media. No amount of learning and training prepares […]

Webinar Slides: The New Florida Bar Lawyer Advertising Rules

You’ve probably attended multiple “ethics and marketing” presentations, but as I discovered during Brian Tannebaum’s excellent webinar, they only scratch the surface. Brian lays out the purpose of the Florida Bar, then goes into detail about what will get you in trouble and what you can do on social media channels, blogs, and traditional media. […]

Legal Cloud Computing Ethics Opinions: Comparison Charts and Resources

Cloud computing, sometimes referred to as software as a service (SaaS), has become a common delivery model for many business applications, like Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, and practice management software for lawyers. The cloud allows lawyers to store, access and share data from any online source, eliminating the need for their own IT department, and […]

Ethical Cloud Computing For Legal Professionals

Just what is this cloud everyone is talking about? From the perspective of the law firm, computing in the cloud eliminates typical IT expenses, management, and headaches. Cloud options are often cost-effective since they forego high up-front costs in favor of predictable monthly fees. Learn about cloud-software applications in a live (well, recorded) demonstration to […]

Do You Know Thy 10 Legal Ethics Commandments?

We’re excited to bring you Sean Carter’s Thou Shalt Not Lie, Cheat and Steal:  10 Commandments For Avoiding Ethical Problems As a Lawyer.” Sean, a Harvard Law School Graduate, is a dynamic and fun speaker.  You may have attended one of his sessions as each year, he travels cross-country to present more than 100 CLE […]

Legal Cloud Computing Ethics and the NY State Bar

I’m encouraged that New York and North Carolina are developing rational, well-measured opinions on legal cloud computing that protect the interest of attorneys and establish a level of reliability for the vendors themselves. However, the ABA’s recent suggestions that cloud providers are essentially outsourced providers requiring oversight seems a little impractical to me. The point of cloud computing for lawyers is to make life easier and eliminate headaches.