Use These New Features To Ramp Up Your Evernote Productivity

Evernote, the widely popular note take application keeps getting better and more useful with each update. We’re great fans of Evernote on this blog, and it even integrates with your law practice management software. Here are some of our favorite new features: Share notes on social media – You already have the ability to post […]

Use Evernote to Share and Google Docs to Collaborate

It’s all about cloud-computing these days and two applications that make it seamless are Evernote and Google Docs. Dropbox is another, but it functions more as a synching tool than a document generation application. Why use both? They each have unique strengths and you’re not losing out since they’re both free. And there’s an ease […]

New Evernote Update Great for Bloggers

Evernote, the terrific note taking and information storing application is a useful tool for many things including blogging. You can use it as an Ideas File for Your Blog Posts, and to Increase Your Blogging Productivity. The new Evernote for Mac update, full of new features and redesigned screens adds even more functionality for bloggers […]

6 Free Tools to Organize Your Digital Life

We’ve become extreme information consumers in today’s online world. Mobile adds to it as we read and save information to read later on our phones and tablets. For some of us, it’s our job, navigating social media and information sites. What’s a digital hoarder to do? Here are seven favorite tools that I use daily […]

5 Tips for a More Productive Evernote Experience

More of us are starting to use Evernote to store and organize the massive amounts of information in our lives. I use the application just about every day. Right now, I’m composing a draft of this post in my “blog post ideas” folder. It saves as I type and syncs across my computer, tablet, smartphone, […]

App of the Week: Scan Documents With Your iPhone and Upload to Evernote or Dropbox with Scanner Pro

On the road with a handful of receipts and business cards? Have a signed agreement that needs to be faxed scanned and emailed right away? Scanner Pro to the rescue. Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone and iPad into portable scanners. It allows you to scan checks, agreements, whiteboards, pages and even multipage documents. After scanning […]

Use Evernote as an Ideas File for Your Blog Posts

Producing consistent, relevant content is a challenge for many bloggers as the thousands, even millions of outdated blogs can attest. Evernote can help. The popular application is used for a host of productivity enhancing functions, with one of the more useful being a repository for blog posts ideas. Getting started Create an account and download […]

App of the Week: Evernote Trunk

Evernote is one of our favorite productivity apps — on the desktop, browser and mobile device. Check out the short Tech Tutorial Evernote video we made. As good as the stand-alone application is, Evernote has its own app store with desktop and web software and services, along with native applications, extensions and features that make […]

How to Increase Your Blogging Productivity With Evernote

We’re big believers in blogging and love Evernote, so it was just a matter of time before we combined the two for an optimized blogging experience. Evernote can be used to store blog post ideas, links, images, quotes, and drafts of posts. Compose and access information via Evernote’s desktop application, mobile app or the website. […]