Resources from the Blogosphere For Lawyers and Evernote

We can’t get enough Evernote here in Legal Productivity-land. We always like to think we take our newfangled ideas from the software business and inject them into the legal biz, but in this case, it was legal peeps who schooled us! On this blog, we’ve talked all about using Evernote to run a paperless law […]

5 Free Cloud-Based Document Collaboration Tools to Power Your Productivity

Entrepreneurs who work with clients across the globe and small businesses with workers in home offices and remote locations don’t miss a beat today with the proliferation of cloud based collaboration tools. Here are five FREE tools with editing and sharing capabilities. Evernote We’ve written about Evernote. Heck, we even did a Tech Tutorial video […]

Ethical Cloud Computing For Legal Professionals

Just what is this cloud everyone is talking about? From the perspective of the law firm, computing in the cloud eliminates typical IT expenses, management, and headaches. Cloud options are often cost-effective since they forego high up-front costs in favor of predictable monthly fees. Learn about cloud-software applications in a live (well, recorded) demonstration to […]

Legal Productivity App of the Week – Evernote – For Mobile Note Nirvana

Earlier this week, we discussed getting started with Evernote, the amazing note taking tool. Get it on your mobile, and you’ll kick yourself for not having done so before. If you’re not familiar with Evernote, here’s the skinny: it allows you to organize digital clippings and notes easily, synch them across different devices, and share […]