Facebook Page Organic Reach is Down. Way Down. What To Do?

Many of the more than 40 million Facebook Page owners diligently share useful links, fun pictures, and occasional update their fans with news about new products and services. The understanding is that your consistency will pay off and your useful content will be viewed by the 50, 500 or 5,000 “likes” or fans that you […]

keyboard shortcuts

12 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook Power Users

The latest in our Keyboard Shortcuts series. Keyboard shortcuts let you access frequently used features with a keystroke, and with your fingers never leaving the keyboard to use the mouse on your computer, saving time and increasing productivity. Many applications have scores or hundreds of shortcuts, but who can remember them all? Instead of an […]

What You Need to Know About the New Facebook Hashtags and Privacy

Facebook took a page from Twitter and got hashtags. Facebookers were using it anyway, but now it’s official and searchable. A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol # that is usually related to the topic of your social media status update. Hashtags are searchable across the entire platform (not just […]

Privacy Settings for the New Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has introduced a new search feature called Graph Search. It’s an exciting feature with all kinds of potential, but what exactly is now searchable on Facebook? For starters, Graph Search will focus on People, Places, Photos and Interests. It turns personal information you have entered and shared on Facebook into a robust, searchable database. […]

A Guide to Facebook Page Image Sizes

Have a Facebook Page and want to optimize your Timeline? Follow the image size guidelines below. The dimensions are pixels and the width and height are optimal sizes. Facebook will resize some of the images that don’t meet the specific dimensions, but take the time to get it right for maximum effect. Cover photo – […]

Top 5 Facebook Tips and Tricks

We have a love-hate relationship with the leading social network. We hate the invasion into our lives, privacy concerns and the hours we wile away on the site. But we love Facebook, as evidenced by the, well, hours we spend on the site every day. Here are a few tips for a more productive, streamlined […]

5 Tools to Conquer Information Overload

Blogs, online news and magazines, Facebook, Twitter… We’re being bombarded with content, some of it less than useful, but enough interesting stuff to keep us reading every minute of our lives. Fortunately there are many tools out there to keep us from being overwhelmed. These tools filter the information we get and provide options for […]

Facebook Page Tip: How to Target Your Message to a Local Audience

More law firms, solo attorneys and legal related entities are creating their own Facebook Page to engage and foster community [We have one too!]. But like any other social media platform, managing it can be a drain on your most precious resource: Time. Especially considering the many changes Facebook enforces upon us, so when we […]

How to Keep Your Facebook Info from Friends Invasive Apps

I don’t use any third party apps on Facebook. No games, no quizzes, not even productivity apps. Apps are granted access to way too much of my information. And frankly, since Facebook does a great job of complicating things, I have enough to navigate and want to keep my experience on the platform simple and […]

Facebook Tip: How to Stop Receiving Emails from Comment Threads

Let’s face it: Facebook is almost must-have at this point, but like any ubiquitous service, there’s plenty to gripe about. Topping the list is the onslaught of notifications that can flood your phone and inbox. Comment threads in particular can spiral out of control. Here’s how to keep Facebook from turning into a comment-response firehose: