Lawyers, Encrypted Email, and Gmail – Part 2 of 2: The Tools

See Part 1: Lawyers, Encrypted Email, and Gmail: Encryption, for a discussion on ethics opinions, Gmail and an introduction to third-party options. Encryption refers to the process of encoding a message so that only authorized parties can read it. In relation to electronic information like e-mail, encryption uses a set of keys or passwords to […]

Lawyers, Encrypted Email, and Gmail – Part 1 of 2: Encryption

Discussions about the necessity for lawyers to encrypt their email invariably begin with the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility’s 1998 Formal Opinion 99-413 which states, “A lawyer may transmit information relating to the representation of a client by unencrypted e-mail sent over the Internet without violating the Model Rules of Professional Conduct […]

Sync Your iPhone Contacts Wirelessly With Gmail

I’ve come across a few tweets and Facebook updates recently about iPhone contacts disappearing or weeping about losing the phone and contacts along with it. Solution? Wirelessly sync your iPhone and iPad contacts with Gmail. Many of us have personal Gmail accounts and some even have Google mail for business configured on our domain, where […]

Gmail Productivity Tips: Shortcuts and Search

The popular Gmail is one of the best email clients. You can use the ubiquitous @gmail extension or set it up to work with your own unique domain, like And it’s free! Google engineers are forever tinkering with the product, providing us with new tools and shortcuts to improve functionality for an optimized user […]