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Google+ for Lawyers Webinar Wrap-Up

Our webinar wrap-up posts generally include a link to the slides. Not this time. Instead, it was all video, all conversation, all the time. And, it was brilliant. Stephan Futeral and Tina Willis shared screen time discussing and demonstrating how lawyers can use Google+. A recording of the webinar will be up next week on […]

Google+ is Important Because of Google Authorship. Here's How to Set it Up

Social media evangelists often promote the Big Four: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Add Google+ to the mix, if only for the advantage of Google Authorship. Google+ has become the second largest social network in terms of active users. And, more importantly, it connects to Google Authorship. But, with an active presence on Twitter, Facebook […]

10 Tips for Better Google Search Results

Google Search is chock-full of helpful features. Check out these tips to help you find what you’re looking for faster and with better results. 1. Find information about an image – Have you ever found an image online and need to identify the location or person in the picture? You can. Simply drag the picture […]

Privacy Settings? Focus On Your Online Discourse

Yesterday, I came across a spot-on post by Fastcase, Online Privacy Takes Another Hit which was based on the Slate article, The Leaky Nature of Online Privacy . The Slate piece suggests that we consider being more open so that we become more trustworthy. Trustworthy? To whom? I suggest instead, that we pay more attention […]