Thriving Lawyers: It's Not About More Money

As I looked around this blog considering what to write (cool blog!), I began to think about why we are interested in increasing productivity. Ultimately, I realized, we are interested in being more productive because we think that, by doing so, we can get more of what we want in life. In other words, in […]

5 Not-So-Obvious Things That Inspire Me

Inspiration is gratitude’s easy-to-mock cousin in personal self-fulfillment. It’s a lot more fun to be cynical than earnest. Just the other day I was LMAO at a mock inspirational poster showing a deflated Stormtrooper with the title “Regret: Those Were The Droids You Were Looking For”. Cynicism aside, however, in 2011 a little inspiration can […]

Dumpster Day: Document Management That Helps Your Lawyers

  We’ve been extolling the virtues of David Allen’s GTD® system for years, devoting an entire chapter to it in our e-book, Legal Productivity. However, one of the ingredients in the GTD system that we haven’t mentioned even once is Dumpster Day. Dumpster Day is exactly what you might suspect (unless you’re confusing it with […]

The Enormous Psychological Importance of Gratitude

On Thanksgiving, when you find yourself stuffing your face full of massive quantities of turkey, stuffing, and whatever other coma-inducing fare your family whips up for the holiday, consider this: you’re doing your mental state a big favor. As long as you appreciate your food, that is. The simple and natural act of expressing gratitude, […]