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iPad App: Encryption Makes Insight Notes Ideal for Lawyers

Insight Notes, a note taking iPad app for health professionals offers the kind of security that makes it ideal for lawyers. Here’s how Adam Alban and his law firm use the app: Insight Notes is an iPad app designed for secure and encrypted note taking. It organizes files on a per-client basis, and then by […]

Roundup of Apps from iPad for Lawyers Webinar (2014)

Tom Mighell, author of iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers, put on another widely popular webinar for us. Here’s the much requested list of iPad apps he covered. Presentation and Meeting Apps Keynote Slideshark HaikuDeck Final Argument News and Reading Apps Feedly Mr. Reader Reeder Pocket Flipboard Breaking News Legal/Productivity Scanner Pro by […]

Nifty iPad Gestures: Multi-Touch and Assistive Touch

Apple brings simplicity, design and ease of use to its many products. On the iPad, that includes gestures – Multi-Touch and Assistive Touch Multi-Touch With the swipe of 3, 4, or 5 fingers, you can navigate through your iPad without clicking on the home button, saving time and increasing productivity. Here are a few useful […]

A Few Favorite iOS 7 Features

Updating my iPhone to iOS 7 feels like I got a new phone without having to purchase one. And that’s especially comforting since my iPhone 5 was stolen and I’m stuck with an iPhone 4. By the time I’m eligible for an upgrade, the iPhone 6 will probably be out. But enough complaining about a […]

List of Apps and Accessories from iPad for Lawyers Webinar

We had a ton of requests for a list of iPad apps and accessories that Tom Mighell covered in his excellent presentation earlier today: Using IPads In Your Law Practice. Here it is: Apps Creating Notes and Documents Noteshelf Notability GoodNotes Documents To Go Quickoffice Pro HD CloudOn Working with PDF Files PDF Expert (recommended) […]

Webinar: Using iPads in Your Law Practice

When the iPad first debuted 3 years ago, it was seen only as a content consumption device, suitable for surfing the web, playing games or watching movies. Now, lawyers are finding that the iPad is a serious productivity tool, and more and more lawyers are using it to take notes, review and store case files […]

4 iPad Accessories to Help You Do Even More

Ipads and iPad minis are being used for more than just consuming information; we’re using them to create content and to do our work. The next time you’re at a conference, observe audience members taking notes and live-tweeting the event: Instead of laptops or moleskin notebooks, most are probably tapping away on an iPad. We’re […]

8 iPad Tips and Tricks

Add the iPad Mini to our choice of devices in the Apple ecosystem. But really, how many screens does a person need? The Mac and iPhone are everyday staples, but our third screen, the iPad is gaining. Some are even ramping down to two primary screens, forsaking their computer for the iPad, a device that’s […]