How to Use SIRI to Manage Your App Settings and Your Life

So you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 7 and gotten lost in the new design. I can relate, having spent hours playing with each new feature to see just what was so great about the latest iOS release. What I didn’t fully appreciate until recently, were the new changes made to SIRI, along with enhancements […]

A Few Favorite iOS 7 Features

Updating my iPhone to iOS 7 feels like I got a new phone without having to purchase one. And that’s especially comforting since my iPhone 5 was stolen and I’m stuck with an iPhone 4. By the time I’m eligible for an upgrade, the iPhone 6 will probably be out. But enough complaining about a […]

4 Tips to Speed Up Your iPhone

The channels are buzzing with news of shiny new iPhones announced earlier today. But you’re not eligible for an upgrade or want to be prudent since your current phone works just fine. Well, it would be fine if it would just speed up a bit. The iPhone is computing device that happens to make phone […]

Are You Using These 7 Useful iPhone Features?

Whether you’re a novice or a long-time iPhone user, there are probably a few not-so-well known features you may have missed. Here are seven recent favorites: 1. Add folders to the dock – Grouping similar apps into folders lets you organize your apps and get rid of cluttered screens. To create a folder, tap and […]

7 Useful iPhone Tips You Probably Didn't Know About

The iPhone is a great little computer in the palm of your hand but there’s a bunch of hidden tricks that make it an even more productive tool. Here are seven tips: 1. Get a quick 3-day overview of your schedule by rotating the calendar app horizontally – to landscape mode. You can then swipe […]

Don't Wipe Your Stolen or Lost iPhone, and Other Useful Tips

My brand new iPhone 5 got swiped over the weekend. I was not a happy camper. Lesson number one: Always keep this rather expensive investment on your person at all times. Here are a few other insights I gained from the experience. Don’t Erase Your iPhone If you activated the “Find my iPhone” feature in […]

Streamline Your Smartphone Apps by Organizing Them into Folders

We can’t get enough apps for our mobile devices. Apple’s App Store alone hit 25 billion downloads earlier this year. But trying to locate one of the many apps on our phone can become unwieldy, scrolling through screen after screen. Instead, group similar apps into folders. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5 and took […]

Upgrading from a 3G to an iPhone 5

I was among the 5 million that got the iPhone 5 over the weekend. I skipped number 4 and my 3G was running on fumes. For $350 and a commitment to paying $100 a month for two years, I have the privilege of an upgrade. Two things immediately grab you about the new phone – […]