Hip Law Profs Helping Shape NextGen Lawyers

Last week was ABA Techshow, which is regularly one of the year’s best technology-for-lawyers events. It’s a cool show with practitioners, vendors, media, bloggers and other thought leaders, with several practical (and fun) seminars and presentations. About a week before the show, while we were prepping to attend, I spotted another contribution to the recent […]

The Law School is Lacking Debate – A Recap

The discussion about how the business of law is lacking and needs to quickly change, hastened by the great recession has expanded in recent months to include law schools. On Saturday, the New York Times fired the latest salvo in the law-school-is-lacking debate and over the next 24-48 hours the response was swift and pointed. […]

The Lost Generation of Law School Students

We find ourselves in uncharted terrain: a market saturated with overqualified lawyers vying for positions at firms whose decades of unrestrained hiring at exaggerated salaries turned out to be—brace yourself—an unsustainable business model mandating unprecedented layoffs