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How to Optimize your Billing & Collections to Make Your Practice More Profitable (Webinar)

Are you looking for ways to tighten up your billing and collections process? On average, small law firms collect only 71% of what they bill, so a frictionless, effortless automated billing system can dramatically drive up cash collections for a law firm. As a lawyer, you worry about losing clients, losing money, and bar sanctions. In […]

Wednesday Wisdom: Utilizing Multiple Invoice Templates

Do you require multiple invoices to accommodate different clients? Do the payment terms for your domestic clients differ from your international clients? With Rocket Matter, you can upload multiple invoice templates and make a simple switch before processing invoices. You don’t have to go back and forth to upload your templates! All you’d have to do […]

Wednesday Wisdom: How to Edit Law Firm Information On Invoice Templates

As firms grow and evolve, their information is likely to change. Rocket Matter makes it easy to edit and update an invoice template with new letterhead information. First, download the invoice template in the Admin section of Rocket Matter by clicking on ‘Custom Invoice Template’ and then ‘Download Template’. A Microsoft Word document will automatically […]