Grow your firm with matter templates

Use Matter Templates to Automate Your Firm’s Workflow

Odds are, you create the same kinds of matters over and over again.  You have the same deadlines, same roles in the case, and the same tasks you have to complete. Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to create those things by hand?  Turns out you don’t. Rocket Matter’s new Matter Templates feature really […]

6 Ways to Generate Ideas in a Group

Facilitating a group discussion can be rewarding for an organization, yet fraught with peril. The ideas and opinions fostered by discussion can increase the effectiveness of an organization but they can also create divisions, invite excessive complaining, and exacerbate rivalries. Group meetings, however, are a critical instrument for sharing knowledge. Capturing team mindshare can help […]

Seven Ways to Make Your Law Firm More Efficient – The Video

Readers of Legal Productivity know we’ve been hard at work on an online continuing legal education platform which we’re calling RocketCLE. It’s an extension of our educational and content philosophy embodied by this blog, our webinar series, and our Legal Productivity e-book. UPDATE: RocketCLE is now Rocket Academy. Today, RocketCLE is formally launched to the […]

5 Bad Habits Of Business Lawyers

First of all, business lawyers rock.  They’re among the sharpest thinking professionals in business, routinely pulling together complex deal structures, making sense out of rules and regulations, and giving great general business advice to clients. (Disclosure: Yes I’m biased, I started my career as a business lawyer.) Since leaving law for the tech world I’ve […]