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Top 10 Legal Productivity Videos of 2016

Reviewing the 2016 metrics for videos took a lot longer than I anticipated. This has been a show-me rather than tell-me year on the Legal Productivity blog. We produced more video content this year than the last several years combined and the response has been tremendous. Huge, even. SHOW ME DON’T TELL ME Hey – […]

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5 Legal Practice Management Videos to Help Lawyers Better Manage Their Firm and Cases

Rocket Academy has grown to over 50 videos covering law practice management, marketing, and productivity, taught by experts and industry leaders. Occasionally we highlight a few topical presentations. Here are five popular videos on how to manage your firm and cases using legal practice management software. Law Firm Analytics – KPIs and Reports Learn about […]

Top legal videos

Top Legal Productivity Videos of 2015

We hit the 50-video milestone on Rocket Academy this year where industry leaders share practice management, marketing, technology, productivity, and wellness tips and strategies to help firms grow and better serve clients. Here are the top videos that were added in 2015. 1. Using Kanban to Become a More Agile Attorney – Improve workflows: The […]

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3 New Law Firm Videos on Cybersecurity, Freelance Attorneys and Kanban Boards

Rocket Academy provides online educational videos for lawyers, taught by industry leaders who discuss law practice management, marketing, productivity, and technology tools, tips, and strategies, to help law firms become more efficient, adapt, and grow. Here are three new videos that were added to the collection. Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Law Firm Data Learn […]

Rocket Academy: Three New Law Firm Productivity Videos Added

Rocket Academy’s catalog of lawyer productivity and law firm growth videos reached a new milestone: 40 videos. The presentations are from industry leaders who discuss how law practice management, marketing, and technology can help law firms grow and become more efficient and productive. We just added three new videos: 1. Law Practice in the Sharing […]