LinkedIn Lawyers

How Lawyers Can Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

There are many ways to generate new business-development conversations with the right decision makers; networking, client referrals, strategic introductions as well as casting wider nets inside of existing clients. LinkedIn, although considered a social selling site is really a business research and engagement platform. It is also a tool that clients and prospective clients use […]

Should Law Firms Post Full-Text Articles On LinkedIn Pulse?

Spoiler alert: Yes, Law firms should take the nozzle off and liberate their lawyers and other professionals to publish long-form posts and full-text articles on LinkedIn Pulse. We all know that LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the web, useful for making contacts and developing relationships that could impact your career, company, and brand. […]

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn for Business: 5 Strategies for Growth

If you run a law firm or own a business and haven’t explored LinkedIn in a while, take another look. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social site used for professional networking. For many, it has become a rich source of qualified leads, attracting and engaging new business for their company. This year, 43% of marketers have […]

Legal Productivity Q&A Video Series

What Should I Be Doing With LinkedIn?

This is the latest edition in our quick-and-practical Q&A style videos. Questions come from social channels, keyword analysis, and readers of this blog. A transcript accompanies each video. What Should I Be Doing With LinkedIn? “What should I be doing with LinkedIn?” If you haven’t already, you need to fill out your LinkedIn profile. This […]

Evernote and LinkedIn

LinkedIn Connects with Evernote to Scan Business Cards

LinkedIn had a nifty little app called CardMunch which turned business cards into contacts. So, of course, they’re shutting it down. Fortunately, they’re offering the same service by deepening their partnership with an even niftier app, Evernote: LinkedIn members can scan a business card using Evernote’s mobile app and then directly connect with this contact […]

LinkedIn Now Offers One-Click Endorsements Along with Written Recommendations

If your LinkedIn inbox is overflowing with requests for recommendations, use the new Endorsement feature until you get around to writing those testimonials. LinkedIn, the social network for professionals recently introduced Endorsements, a lightweight way to recommend members in your network. With just one click, you can now endorse your connections for a skill or […]

Search LinkedIn Like a Pro

LinkedIn may not be as sexy as its instant-gratification mates, Facebook and Twitter, but it’s the top social network for professionals. And with targeted search, you don’t have to spend lots of time there. LinkedIn provides a search box on the top navigation bar for people, jobs, groups, companies, etc. A vastly expanded Advance Search […]

Grow Your Law Practice with LinkedIn

When properly leveraged, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in your business development and personal marketing arsenal. It’s a great place to “find” and “get found” by prospective clients, colleagues, influencers and industry leaders. Once the “finding” has occurred, a fully-optimized LinkedIn profile tells the story of your professional background in a way that is […]

Privacy Settings? Focus On Your Online Discourse

Yesterday, I came across a spot-on post by Fastcase, Online Privacy Takes Another Hit which was based on the Slate article, The Leaky Nature of Online Privacy . The Slate piece suggests that we consider being more open so that we become more trustworthy. Trustworthy? To whom? I suggest instead, that we pay more attention […]