Mac Law Firm Security

[Webinar] 8 Security Strategies Your Mac-Based Practice Must Implement Today

Are you running any antivirus and anti-malware software on your Macs? What steps have you put into place to secure your firm’s data and protect your clients’ information? If you’re like most Mac-based law firms, chances are you’re doing very little outside of just ‘using a Mac’ as your security strategy. When: Tuesday, October 27, […]

Webinar: Paperless Law Office Primer

[Webinar Wrap-Up] Tips for Mobile Mac Lawyers

Here is the recording from the latest presentation in our Legal Productivity webinar series: Security and Productivity Tips for Mac Lawyers with Terry Jarrell. Terry also provided, below, a few details on some of the basic security measures, applications, and resources covered in the presentation. The Basics To find out the details about your Mac, […]

MacTrack Legal

MacTrack Legal Conference for Mac Lawyers: Discount Code

Do you use Macs and iPads in your law practice? Are you Mac-curious? Check out a fantastic conference called MacTrack Legal being held on October 6–8 2016 in Disney World. MacTrack Legal is the premiere conference specifically organized for law firms operating on Macs and iPads, and those considering the switch from PCs. MacTrack Legal, […]

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Productivity Tips for the Mobile Mac Lawyer: MacBook Edition

Editor’s note: Terry Jarrell offers productivity tips for the mobile Mac lawyer in this two-part series featuring the iPad and the now ultra-portable MacBook. Below, is part two on MacBooks. No longer are we tethered to our desks, sitting behind big monitors to get our work done. Laptops along with fantastic cloud services have completely […]

10 Pillars of a Mac-Based Law Firm (Infographic)

10 Pillars of a Mac-Based Law Firm (Infographic)

Many law firms today are opting to go all-Mac. Whether you run your IT yourself, or work with a dedicated consultant, there are some core elements you need to have in place when opting for all-Apple products. Tom Lambotte of GlobalMacIT identified 10 Pillars of a Mac-Based Law Firm in the popular webinar How to […]

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[Webinar Wrap-Up] How to Run a Mac-Based Law Firm

Here is the slide deck from the latest presentation in our Legal Productivity webinar series, on How to Run a Mac-Based Law Firm with Tom Lambotte of GlobalMacIT. A recording of the webinar is also available. Check out Rocket Academy for additional videos on practice management, marketing, and technology. Tom provided a list of some […]

mac law firm managed services

Running a Mac-Based Law Firm: Managed Services Option

In previous discussions of How to Run a Mac-Based Law Firm, we looked at the DIY and Hourly Consultant models. The third option of running a Mac-based law firm is the Managed Services model. Managed Services is the opposite of the reactive, hourly model. The biggest benefit is being able to budget IT costs and shifting […]