Top Law Firm Marketing Tools

Law firm marketing efforts include blogging, social media, website management, email campaigns, landing pages, and more. It can seem burdensome and overwhelming. But there are tools to help ease the burden. Here are some of the top tools for law firms of all sizes to help test, optimize, automate, and measure marketing efforts and performance. […]

Top Law Firm Marketing Blogs

Top Law Firm Marketing Blogs

When I left law firm life and started a CLE consultancy, I discovered what marketing was all about. As a business of one I had to learn to survive and thrive. I read as many books and blogs as I could, listened to podcasts, and asked tons of questions. The good thing: In a digital […]

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[Webinar Wrap-Up] Law Firm Marketing: How Social Media Impacts SEO

Here’s the slide deck from the latest episode in our Legal Productivity webinar series: Law Firm Marketing: The Relationship Between SEO and Social Media, with Guy Alvarez. The webinar recording is available on Rocket Academy. Meanwhile, check out these six tips that Guy provided for using social media to enhance your SEO: Make your content […]

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Essential Website Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Launching or revising your new website is one thing. Consistently measuring, tracking and evaluating results is another thing entirely. What should you be measuring and why? Here are some key front line metrics that will help you evaluate the marketing impact of your site: Site traffic. Whether your site currently attracts 10 visitors a month […]

Webinar Slides: The New Florida Bar Lawyer Advertising Rules

You’ve probably attended multiple “ethics and marketing” presentations, but as I discovered during Brian Tannebaum’s excellent webinar, they only scratch the surface. Brian lays out the purpose of the Florida Bar, then goes into detail about what will get you in trouble and what you can do on social media channels, blogs, and traditional media. […]

Identifying Goals and Objectives to Create a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Multichannel marketing is offering your customers more than one way to purchase or hear from you. It is also a way to reach out and engage your current or potential customers using a variety of formats like email, mobile, social media, direct mail and even public relations.  Multichannel marketing also can include partnering with other organizations or […]

Three Low-Cost Ways to Grow Your Law Practice with Marc Garfinkle

If you’re like a lot of firms these days, you’re probably looking for ways to grow your revenue – and on the cheap. If you’ve never heard Marc speak before – it’s a treat! He’s engaging, hilarious, and full of great information. In this hour-long session, you’ll learn useful and time-tested tips from Marc, who […]

Better Marketing By Measurement

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.”  – H. James Harrington, author, engineer, performance improvement consultant. How effective is your Firm’s marketing? […]

A Checklist for Law Firms Considering PR

This is a guest post by Paramjit Mahli from The Rainmakers Roundtable, formerly known as SCG Legal PR Network. The old adage that the more things change, the more they remain the same may seem quaint but it actually still holds some truth. Specifically, perception molded by large media outlets still has a strong hold […]