App of the Week: Skitch- Doodle on Your Documents

It’s no secret that we love Evernote here at Legal Productivity and Rocket Matter®. We’ve even written an entire e-book about it! It is an invaluable app for note taking, managing tasks, and keeping track of pretty much everything in your life. While Evernote is extremely powerful, it makes those of us who are more […]

App of the Week: Talkboard- The Digital Collaborative Whiteboard

iPads are an extremely powerful tool for communication and collaboration. So are run-of-the-mill office whiteboards. Put them together and you get a fantastic app: Talkboard. Created by Citrix, the folks that gave us GoToMeeting, Talkboard is a digital collaborative whiteboard that makes brainstorming and collaborating with others extremely simple, whether they’re across the room or […]

calm meditation app

App of the Week: Calm – Chill Out, Focus, and Carry On

There’s no shortage of meditation apps out there and it’s a stressful, decidedly un-meditative experience, trying to decide on just the right one. I’ve tried a few with the best of intentions, but they go unopened on my phone for long stretches and are ultimately deleted. But, Calm is different – mainly because I hang […]

App of the Week: Wibbitz Turns News Articles Into Video Snippets

Don’t care for television news but still like to watch instead of read the latest news? Check out Wibbitz, the app that transforms articles into video snippets that you can watch (or listen to) on your iPhone. Here’s how the folks at Wibbitz use artificial Intelligence to turn long text articles into video summaries: Using […]

google docs and sheets

App of the Week: Google Docs and Sheets Standalone Apps

Google launched new standalone mobile apps for Docs and Spreadsheets, with Slides coming soon. Divorcing the individual apps from Drive gives users the ability to quickly access and use their favorite Google apps on the go. It’s also probably a response to the recently launched and very popular suite of mobile apps from Microsoft. The […]