App of the Week: Khan Archiver – Educational Videos From Khan Academy

Anyone familiar with Khan Academy knows their incredible mission: providing a free online education to anyone, anywhere. Now, with the Khan Archiver app, users can actually receive an education anywhere by easily downloading and viewing Khan Academy videos on their phones or tablets. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational website that contains thousands of video […]

App of the Week: LinkedIn Contacts – Relationship Manager

Chances are, if you have a career and are somewhat connected to the Internet, you are one of 225 million professionals using LinkedIn to enhance your networking. In April, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn contacts, a new app that takes professional relationships to a whole new level. The principal idea behind LinkedIn Contacts is to provide a […]

App of the Week: MobileDay – Hassle Free Conference Calls

Conference calls are tedious enough without having to memorize or write down and dial a string of numbers and access codes just to join the call, especially if you’re on the road and dialing in on a mobile device. MobileDay eases the frustration with one touch access to conference calls on any conference provider, including […]