Try Something New For 30 Days – Like Getting Paid

Recently, TED posted a fun lecture by Google engineer Matt Cutts called “Try Something New For 30 Days“. The gist of the talk is: what are you waiting for? There are so many things you want to try, why not conjure up a little Morgan Spurlock-ness and sign up for your own 30-day experiment? It’s […]

Ridiculous Billing Practices Cost Everyone

…There is a huge and very specific pocket of inefficiency that currently exists in the market for legal services.
While lawyers (particularly business lawyers) are trying harder than ever to generate and keep clients, there exists a ton of aggressive, smart entrepreneurs who need good legal services – and are willing to pay for them – but don’t seek them out for fear of irregular and/or unbounded bills.

3 Great Alternative Billing Methods

While both clients and lawyers continue to lament the limitations and drawbacks of the traditional “billable hour” method of charging for legal services, a few new methods are rapidly gaining popularity.   There’s just no question that we’ll see these intriguing techniques continue to enjoy increased adoption during 2011 and beyond. 1. Bill By The Pound. […]

More Great Billing Advice For Lawyers

Bad billing habits are ultimately one of the key causes of lawyer job dissatisfaction.  Failing to send out timely bills (often caused by timesheet procrastination) directly results in higher receivables. Higher receivables lead to higher write-offs. Higher write-offs lead to less revenue.  Less revenue leads to all sorts of financial stress – and extra stress […]

Confidential Law Firm Tax Planning Memo! Leaked! Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2 in our leaked** letter detailing the worst billing practices in law firm history, from attorney Major Bill Fail. Installment 1 is found here… (**And entirely fake) LETTER CONTINUES…. 2. EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD ONE-LINER. Listing a single “Amount Due” on a bill (e.g. “Pay This Amount”) with no accompanying explanation or […]

Why it's Critical for Lawyers to Get Bills Out On Time (Part 2 of 2)

From the client’s perspective, getting a big legal bill long after the service was performed has the effect of feeling like a big nasty surprise. That can lead to uncomfortable discussions and, worse yet, often results in haircuts on your bill. The bigger and “lumpier” the bill (that is, the more things thrown in together), the further it is away from the time you provided the service, the more likely a discount negotiation is forthcoming.