Poll: Which Legal Conferences Are Your Favorites?

Do you end up going to the same one or two conferences year after year? The annual junkets are not inexpensive, so it reasons that you’d narrow your choices to a favorite few. Someone raised this question during a recent meeting and the answers were as varied as the participants. Take our poll and see […]

Poll: Which Social Network Sends the Most Traffic to Your Law Blog or Website?

Just about all websites and blogs have social share buttons. And, if yours doesn’t, what’s the holdup? Social share buttons make it easy for readers to share your content with their followers, and in the process, refer traffic back to your blog or website. However, social networks are not equally effective traffic generators. Some industries, […]

Poll: What's Your Favorite "Read Later" App?

Instead of keeping upwards of 20 tabs open in your browser for articles or websites that you plan to read later, you probably save them to a “read later” app like Pocket or Instapaper. Or, maybe you send them to Evernote or simply add them to your browser “Bookmarks,” or email them to yourself (“copy […]

Poll: What is Your Longest Vacation This Year?

Does the frequency of client emergencies rise the closer you get to vacation time? Does it keep you from taking more than a day or two off at a time? If you’re in the United States, it probably means that you’re one of the 61 percent who plan to work during vacation this year. Now […]

Poll: What Did You Choose to Replace Google Reader?

Google Reader is dead and no one is wailing. Many have stepped up to fill the void and users are discovering that the new and improved alternatives are better products. Which RSS reader did you choose? Are you satisfied with your choice? Please take our poll, and if you wish to elaborate, please comment below.

Poll: Which To-Do List App Do You Use? (Updated With Results)

There is no shortage of to-do list apps for our mobile devices and desktop computers. Even Evernote got in on the act with much anticipated Reminders For To-Do Lists And Tasks. And, of course, there’s the old pen and paper staple. But, to-do list apps are only useful if we use them every day. We’ve […]