Our Litigious Society and Dog Park Mayhem

Last Saturday was a beautiful, sunny South Florida day. One of those “Chamber of Commerce” specials. Awesome day for my dog and I to head to the dog park. We headed through the first set of gates, waved hello to a few familiar snouts, and entered the “small dog” area.  Upon opening the gate and […]

The Devolution of the Affiliate Program

I’m a DirectTV customer, and have been for some time. Generally, I’ve had a good experience with the service itself and when I’ve had to call for support I found their support team to be friendly, helpful, and genuinely concerned about solving my issue. (Football fans can appreciate the terrifying panic that sets in at […]

Be as Mobile as You Wanna Be. Just Don't Be Stupid.

You would think I, as a purveyor of fine web-based legal practice management and time tracking software, would say nothing but good things when it comes to people using technology and “plugging in” to the cloud. But enough is enough. Too much of anything is bad, and the way we’re all glued to our electronic mobile devices has got to change.