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Twitter is Better than LinkedIn for Building Professional Relationships

LinkedIn bills itself as the largest professional network, but Twitter, whose tagline is simply, “what’s happening,” easily wins for creating and nurturing relationships. Here are three primary reasons why. 1. The easiest introduction ever – When you come across a piece of writing or video or presentation that resonates, you send the link out on […]

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Law Firm Marketing: Build Your Brand With Content, Social Media and SEO

Increasing online brand awareness is not easy. It takes consistent, relevant, useful content, effective use of social media and the adoption of SEO best practices to really drive it. While most law firms consider each of these different elements separately, successful firms know that driving their brand takes an integrated approach that combines them all […]

Law Firm Twitter: Lessons from the NBA

Law Firm Twitter: Lessons from the NBA

In his Bloomberg Law article, Most Profitable U.S. Law Firms Don’t Give a Tweet, Casey Sullivan highlighted some of the top law firms anemic presence on the popular social media platform. Moses Ehlers, Digital Marketing Strategist at Robins Kaplan LLP, countered with how his “mid-sized law firm” of 220 attorneys and 325 staff members uses […]

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Enhance Your Paralegal Performance and Career with Blogging, Social Media and Technology

Note: This post, though addressed to paralegals, may be applied across the industry to include lawyers and legal professionals. After a dozen years as library director at a law firm in New York City, I left in 2008 to start my own CLE consultancy. I grew the business by joining Twitter, creating a LinkedIn Group, […]

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[Webinar Wrap-Up] Law Firm Marketing: How Social Media Impacts SEO

Here’s the slide deck from the latest episode in our Legal Productivity webinar series: Law Firm Marketing: The Relationship Between SEO and Social Media, with Guy Alvarez. The webinar recording is available on Rocket Academy. Meanwhile, check out these six tips that Guy provided for using social media to enhance your SEO: Make your content […]

The Right Image Sizes For Blogs and Social Media

Using the right image for your blog or social media posts won’t solve world hunger or cure cancer, but if you’re putting content out there, you may as well do it right. The bottom line is, social photos generate more engagement. Not convinced? Twitter data scientist, Douglas Mason, analyzed millions of Tweets and determined that […]

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5 Key Social Media Tactics for Law Firms

It’s true that law firms haven’t adopted social media at the pace of other service-based industries such as ad agencies or business consultancies. But this is changing fast. In fact, over the last year we’ve seen more and more law firms attend our social media webinars, read our blog, and reach out for advice. Today, […]

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn for Business: 5 Strategies for Growth

If you run a law firm or own a business and haven’t explored LinkedIn in a while, take another look. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social site used for professional networking. For many, it has become a rich source of qualified leads, attracting and engaging new business for their company. This year, 43% of marketers have […]