Twitter Analytics Now Available For All: See Tweet and Follower Stats

Facebook has Insights, blogs have Google Analytics, even Pinterest has its own web analytics tool. Now here comes Twitter, late to the party, but welcome, even if the free analytics is a stripped down version of what big-spending advertisers get. Sign in with your Twitter credentials at In the top menu, you’ll find two […]

Twitter Lists Expands in Time to Be Your New RSS Reader

The other day I came across a post detailing 46 Google Reader alternatives. Forty-six! Instead of combing through the contenders, I wondered, can Twitter be the Google Reader replacement we’ve been looking for? With the imminent demise of Google’s beloved RSS Reader, Twitter has fortuitously upgraded its lists functionality which we can now use to […]

Twitter: Retweeting Best Practices

Retweets, along with @replies and mentions, put the social in social media. A retweet is a re-posting of someone else’s Tweet to share with all your followers. Here are a few retweeting tips: Use RT instead of native retweet Retweeting someone else’s Tweet is a practice created organically by Twitter users and became such an […]

Effective Tweeting: A Twitter Checklist

Twitter is a great platform for meeting people, building relationships, and keeping up with breaking news. You do this sharing content, including your own blog posts, and engaging. But many drop off after a spirited start. Here’s a Twitter Checklist to help keep you active and engaged. 1. Tweet when your followers are around – […]

3 Free Twitter Tools to Tune Out the Noise

With over 200 million active users, Twitter is a force — a place to meet people, grow relationships and get breaking news. But with millions of daily tweets, it can get very noisy very quickly. Here are three tools to clean up and un-clutter your stream for a more meaningful and productive Twitter experience. FriendorFollow […]

Create Lists to Maximize Your Twitter Experience

If you’re following more than a 200 people on Twitter and use, you probably won’t be able to follow all of the tweets in your stream. That’s where Twitter lists come in handy. What are Twitter lists? A list is a group of Twitter users that share a common characteristic or purpose. Like “techie […]

5 Tools to Conquer Information Overload

Blogs, online news and magazines, Facebook, Twitter… We’re being bombarded with content, some of it less than useful, but enough interesting stuff to keep us reading every minute of our lives. Fortunately there are many tools out there to keep us from being overwhelmed. These tools filter the information we get and provide options for […]

5 Ways to Be Stupid on Social Media

As part of my speaking and writing about social media and professional ethics, I try to reassure attorneys that they really don’t need to worry too much about the intersection of social media and the slow-to-adapt state bar rules governing attorney advertising. But this reassurance is based on the presumption that attorneys will use social […]

New Twitter Search Provides Better Results Quickly

Millions of people use Twitter, including lawyers and legal professionals, but the less than robust search functionality has been a sore point for many. They’ve been working on it – Twitter just rolled out a few enhancements to simplify Twitter search and make it easier for users to find topics they’re interested in and to […]