4 Twitter Productivity Tips

Twitter is a great tool to create and nurture relationships, share information and build awareness. With over 150 million active users, it can also quickly become a less than useful echo chamber. Here are five tips to hone your Twitter into a lean, productive experience. Dumpster day We’ve talked about Dumpster Day: Make your Law […]

How to Find Lawyers and Legal Professionals to Follow on Twitter

Whether you’re new to Twitter or want to expand your reach and engagement in the legal community, there are tools, practices and lists to help you grow your presence into a more meaningful and rewarding experience. Here are a few of the top resources and practices to help you find lawyers and legal professionals to […]

Privacy Settings? Focus On Your Online Discourse

Yesterday, I came across a spot-on post by Fastcase, Online Privacy Takes Another Hit which was based on the Slate article, The Leaky Nature of Online Privacy . The Slate piece suggests that we consider being more open so that we become more trustworthy. Trustworthy? To whom? I suggest instead, that we pay more attention […]

The New Legal Productivity LinkedIn Group

Announcing a great new community for small and solo law practitioners. Join us! You’re familiar with our Legal Productivity blog, brought to you by the gang at Rocket Matter. We cover a range of topics from cloud computing and mobile to social media, and of course, productivity – issues that affect today’s lawyers, particularly solo […]

Read Kindle Books Without a Kindle

ELAINE: They do good things (talking about her new friends). They read. JERRY: I read. ELAINE: Books, Jerry. JERRY: [pause] Oh. This classic exchange from the fabulous Seinfeld show captures how I often feel amid the daily barrage of blogs, Twitter and Search. And this conversation took place before social media caffeinated the vaunted Age […]

Legal Productivity App Of The Week – Be Awesome on Twitter With Buffer App

I’ve been a Twitter user for years and have tried most of the popular desktop apps like TweetDeck and HootSuite, but keep coming back to the beautiful simplicity of Twitter’s web interface. However, Twitter.com does lack some of the functionality provided by the third party stand-alone applications. But here comes Buffer App which allows me […]

Should Lawyers Ditch Their WordPress Blogs for Tumblr?

I’ve come across a few discussions recently about moving blogs from TypePad or Posterous to Tumblr. Hey, if were blogging on those platforms, I’d be looking for alternatives too. But, ditching WordPress for Tumblr? No. With headlines proclaiming that Tumblr has surpassed WordPress in the total number of blogs (if you don’t count the self-hosted […]