SoloCorps Launches Video Testimonial Site For Small Firm Attorneys

Rocket Matter is the proud flagship sponsor of SoloCorps, an exciting new video testimonial project focusing on small and solo law firms.  Run by MyShingle icon Carolyn Elefant and the incredibly innovative Solosez and Twitter tour-de-force Lisa Solomon, SoloCorps is modeled after the StoryCorp project featured on National Public Radio. Lisa and Carolyn are currently […]

Maximizing Productivity with the Emails Glutting Your Inbox

Amol Sarva from Peek gave some great insight for email-overloaded attorneys in one of our Vendor Webinars back in August. If anyone would have some great suggestions for email usage, it would be Amol, whose award-winning Peek mobile email client has enabled small businesses to increase productivity and reduce stress through email. If ya missed […]

Overwhelmed with Technology? Free Webinar Tomorrow: Take Control of Your Time, Your Technology And Your Profits

How can you maximize the use of your technology while maintaining time to produce quality work, and minimizing the new risks inherent in electronic communications? Master Practice Advisor Dustin Cole takes a nuts-and-bolts, practical view of the issue, focusing his more than 20 years of hands-on experience to show you how to run a safe, profitable and enjoyable practice.

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for Lawyers : Nagging Questions

Yesterday at the MILOFest conference someone confessed they were on the sidelines of the social media ballgame and was wondering what Twitter was used for and how much time to spend on it. In response, here are some stills from a recent presentation I gave on social media for law firms. Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn […]

Jury Selection in a Social Media Age

Much has been written on the risk-management side about the potential for sequestration violations by jurors armed with twitter, facebook and the like, as we’ve seen on and the National Law Review. And, courts have begun to respond with mistrials for tweeting during breaks in trial and contempt charges for post-verdict status updates in […]