21 Tools For Lawyers Who Blog

If you’re not blogging and need some inspiration to start, check out Why Do You Blog? 23 Lawyers Weigh In. And use WordPress, the number one blogging platform. It’s intuitive, free, and has an amazing community of helpful users and developers. It’s also a robust content management systems that you can use to build your […]

WordPress Video Tutorials for Bloggers

If you blog or want to create an easy-to-manage website, consider using the popular (and free!) WordPress platform. Writing a post or publishing a page is straightforward using the intuitive WordPress dashboard. But if you want to be more creative and dig a little – as we all inevitably do – you’ll probably have to […]

keyboard shortcuts

20 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts For WordPress Power Users

The latest in our Keyboard Shortcuts series. Keyboard shortcuts let you access frequently used features with a keystroke, and with your fingers never leaving the keyboard to use the mouse on your computer, saving time and increasing productivity. Many applications have scores or hundreds of shortcuts, but who can remember them all? Instead of an […]

Optimize Your WordPress Blog With SEO Yoast Plugin

When chatting with lawyers about the benefits of blogging and sharing the tools and practices that make it less burdensome, eyes glaze over by the time I get to navigating Search Engine Optimization, Google Keyword Tool, etc. To ease concerns, I suggest using WordPress as the blogging platform and installing the free, powerful, SEO Yoast […]

4 Steps to Quickly Secure Your WordPress Blog

Millions use the WordPress platform for their blogs, and since it’s also a great content management system, many also use it to host their websites. Of course, hackers love popular platforms, so although WordPress is pretty secure out of the box, and they provide regular security updates, it never hurts to ramp up security. Fortunately, […]

5 WordPress Plugins for Better Blogging

If you blog, you’re heard of the open source WordPress platform. We’re huge advocates. Making a great experience even better are the excellent free plugins provided by the vibrant WordPress community. We occasionally bring you a few of our favorites. Here are five more. 1. Google Analytics for WordPress No blog is complete without analytics. […]

Can WordPress Plugins Slow Down Your Blog?

There are tons of posts written about WordPress plugins that extend the functionality of your blog. I’ve added my two cents. But can too many plugins slow down your site? We’ve all been to websites that take forever to load and we often leave without viewing a single page. The speed at which a site […]