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Rocket Matter Premier Includes Powerful Advanced Functionality for Your Law Firm

With the addition of the functionality included in the new Premier tier, Rocket Matter has solidified itself as an ideal application for firms with highly demanding billing needs. You’ll be able to serve your clients better - and yourself!

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Role-Based Permissions

Have complete flexibility and granular control over permissive access throughout the system. Specify the actions users can take inside of Rocket Matter, down to individual features.


Secure Document Sharing

Premier users receive robust e-signature and secure document sharing capabilities from directly within Outlook. Sending files has never been easier.

project management

Insurance Defense Module for LEDES

Streamline your LEDES billing, minimize errors, and reduce your invoice rejection by customize your billing code mapping, leveraging intelligent invoice analysis, and more.

Business Intelligence Module

Stay on top of your firm’s business by building your own custom reports. Choose your desired data sets and populate the exact information you’re looking for.  

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Customizable Billing Rules

Define billing rules for each client, and validate that no rules are broken when you run prebills or capture time. Great for whenever you need to enforce strict billing guidelines. 


Automated Billing Cycles

Schedule automatic prebill creation and generate them automatically once a month or on your own timetable.

Client Intake

Rocket Matter Intake automates the process of gathering new client information. It’s easy to set up and lives on your current website, so skip the paper forms! 


Paperless Prebills

No more printing out prebills! Instead, you can “lock down” billable activity during the billing process and have each timekeeper verify their invoices.

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