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Wednesday Wisdom: Set Different Billing Rates For Different Matters

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Rocket Matter makes it easy for you to set different billing rates for different clients and matters. Here’s how to set each one.
To change your overall billing time:

  • Go to Manage Users in the Admin tab and select the correct user.
  • Simply enter the desired amount under hourly rate.

Manage Users 2
To change the billing rate of a particular client:

  • On your client’s page, click the pencil to the right of their name.
  • Next to “Bill on an hourly basis,” select “I want to Set Custom Rates”

I Want to Set Custom Rates

  • Enter the custom rate, user name, and date in the appropriate boxes.

Custom Rates
To change the billing rate of a particular matter:

  • Navigate towards a particular matter through the global search bar.
  • Click on “Add Expense or Time” in the right hand column.
  • Select “Time” under “Expense” and enter the desired hourly rate for this matter.

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