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    10 Great Holiday Gifts for Attorneys and Legal Professionals – Part 1 of 2


      We here at Rocket Matter do more than write Legal Productivity blog posts and create web based case management software for law firms. We deal with attorneys and legal professionals everyday. We understand the stressors, the mentality, and what makes people happy.

      So who better to turn to for gift advice? Without further ado, we present the first five of ten top holiday presents for legal professionals, with special thanks to Lisa Solomon at The Billable Hour Co. for her assistance.

      1) Dalla Piazza Retro Timer – For the Pomodoro Technique Enthusiast – $25.00

      We talk ad nauseum about the Pomodoro Technique and your ability to focus your scattered thoughts for 25 minutes at a time. Introduce a friend to the technique in style with this hot, retro kitchen timer. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about with the Pomodoro Technique, we talk all about how it can help you run your law firm in our e-book, Legal Productivity.

      2) The Billable Hour™ Brass Desk Clock – $49.95

      A bit more upscale, but doesn’t break the bank, this brass desk clock by The Billable Hour company looks sharp. The clean lines and classic simplicity of this traditionally-styled clock coordinate with any decor. The large dial is easy to read, even across the wide expanse of a partner’s desk.

      Features a high accuracy quartz movement housed in a polished brass frame with high gloss rosewood base. Includes a long life AA battery.

      3) Lawsuit! Board Game – $32.95

      Lawsuit! is a fun and educational game for adults and children ages 6 and up. Players experience and learn about the law in a fun way as they make their way through law school, past the bar exam and into their own law practice and the courtroom.

      The board is divided into 62 spaces. Players proceed through law school; the nitty gritty of running a law practice (hiring a secretary, paying office rent); and the ups and downs of bringing a case (preparing papers for court, going to trial). Players also land on spaces, where they are directed to pick cards describing all sorts of whimsical (and family-friendly!) case scenarios.

      4) Wine of the Month Club – Starts at $29.99 per month

      If you’ve ever gotten this as a gift, you know how incredible it is to receive two incredible bottles of wine a month. For a truly important person in your life, treat them to something special that gives continually throughout the year.

      They’ll think of you – fondly – once a month. Great for important people in your life or hard-core brown-nosing.

      5) Slam-A-Gavel: $32.95

      It’s no secret that lawyers lead incredibly stressful lives: they operate under relentless time pressures in an adversarial environment that breeds hostility, conflict and cynicism. Now, you can relieve your stress with Slam-A-Gavel.

      Slam-A-Gavel comes with a gavel, nine blocks with different stressors printed on each side, and a storage box with a square hole in the lid. Just select a block, insert it into the center of the storage box with the current stressor face-up, and close the lid. Then, in a cathartic moment of release, slam the gavel down on the chosen block. There, now, isn’t that better?

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