Rocket Matter Legal Software Integrations and Partners

When you choose new legal software, there is no need to undo everything you're already doing. Find out what leading law firm solutions have integrations with Rocket Matter's legal software to make your transition quick and easy.

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Track your calendars and contacts as you normally do in Outlook, and sync them effortlessly with Rocket Matter. You can also upload your emails into your matters, along with billable time and attachments.

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Office 365

With the Rocket Matter Office 365 integration, you can upload your documents directly to Rocket Matter from within Word and PowerPoint. You can even add, edit, and make comments on each version of your documents from within Office 365 and bill for the time you work on your files.

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QuickBooks Online

Our QuickBooks Online integration is a robust, full-featured integration that continues the Rocket Matter tradition of easy-to-use, powerful features. Users can tie together detailed information between the two systems, including invoices, expenses, payments, trust account credits and debits, as well as contacts and vendors.

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Rocket Matter integrates with LawToolBox, a court rules and deadline management system provider. Subscribers to LawToolBox now have the ability to have their case deadlines imported directly into their Rocket Matter calendar, which syncs to Outlook, Google Calendar, and more!



Dropbox is the easiest way to share files across computers and with other people. Millions of people use the service to sync, share, and secure their files and media across all of their PCs, phones, and devices. By keeping their files on their desktops and in the cloud, Dropbox users have their most important information at their fingertips at all times.


Google Calendar

Our Google Calendar integration is a comprehensive two-way sync with your primary Google calendar. Each Rocket Matter user has the ability to sync their own Google calendar to Rocket Matter, so nobody misses any important dates or upcoming events.



Evernote is a popular cloud-based note taking and collaboration application that allows users to archive, share, and organize notes, websites, voice memos, and photos. Users can experience the power of Evernote’s unsurpassed note-taking and reference capability with Rocket Matter’s case management and time and billing software.



Tracers is the #1 trusted cloud-based investigative and data research software designed to help you find key pieces of information available only in public and private records. From law enforcement to skip tracing to the most powerful legal research software for law firms of all sizes, Tracers provides lightning-fast reports with deep insights at affordable prices.



Rocket Matter integrates with LawToolBox, a court rules and deadline management system provider. Subscribers to LawToolBox now have the ability to have their case deadlines imported directly into their Rocket Matter calendar, which syncs to Outlook, Google Calendar, and more!



If you need help managing your phone, Ruby is a virtual receptionist service that is the best in the business. The quality of their agents is second to none, and their technology-enabled service can route messages into Rocket Matter. Rocket Matter users get a 6% discount on Ruby services.



Lawmatics is a law-firm focused CRM that features an automated intake process, custom emails for drip campaigns, and custom fields and reporting to help you better manage new and current clients and optimize your intake process.

int_smith is an answering service like no other. They use amazing U.S.-based receptionists and machine intelligence to qualify leads, route calls, block spam, and improve your efficiency. Plus, you’ll receive per-call pricing and no charge for spam or wrong numbers. Get $50 off your first month!



Chrometa tracks your time across all the applications you use on your desktop. Those time entries are automatically entered into Rocket Matter, so you’ll never miss a minute.


Uptime JurisPage

Want to update your website? Uptime JurisPage is not only a leader in creating highly-performing websites for law firms, but their Rocket Matter integration also streamlines your intake process. Their rates are reasonable, and they can also provide additional services such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click ad management, and design services.


Document Management designed for law firms. The cloud-first, cloud-only content management platform where you can secure, organize, automate, and collaborate on everything that matters to you.

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