Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom- Request Retainer Funds in Rocket Matter

With the “Request Retainer” feature, you can easily request funds from clients without having to run an invoice. If using Rocket Matter Payments, clients can pay with a credit card, debit card, or e-check. Payments are conveniently paid to your trust or operating account and with the click of a button, your Rocket Matter accounts […]

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 50- The Importance of Expense Reduction

On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, host Larry Port chats with Jeff Shavitz, CEO of LexCharge legal payment processing. Jeff talks about the idea of analyzing what you spend at your firm and how saving money is sometimes more important than new client revenue. You’ll also learn how the proper payment processing can […]

Legal Freedom Fighters

Legal Freedom Fighter Series: Angela Oh and Asian Americans Advancing Justice

  We’ve seen it repeatedly throughout our history: When people’s rights are threatened, it’s the lawyers who step up to the plate. Some are true Freedom Fighters, and they deserve special recognition. That’s why each month, we will feature lawyers who are really making a difference. Today, we are proud to feature Angela Oh. Angela Oh is the senior […]

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom- Stay in the Loop with Your Matter Stream

Stay in the loop with Rocket Matter’s Matter Stream! On top of your matter dashboard, you will notice an area dedicated to updating you on the recent activity of your matters. Items that appear in your matter stream are: -New tasks -New events & -All billable entries You can even post messages in the matter […]


Blockchain and its Impact on the Legal Industry

  Many experts say that the blockchain revolution is in full swing. Google search requests for the keyword “blockchain” have skyrocketed, cryptocurrency—blockchain’s most well-known tool—was the focus of a public discussion held by the U.S. Senate, and about a dozen companies have added blockchain to their name earlier this year and, in turn, saw their share prices […]

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 49: Productivity and Continuous Improvement

On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, Nefra MacDonald speaks with Ed Case, the Product and UX Manager at Rocket Matter. Ed talks about how perfection is the enemy of the very good, and the idea of continuous improvement. You’ll also learn about his favorite productivity feature within the Rocket Matter platform. For […]

rocket matter users share productivity tips

Rocket Matter Clients Share Their Best Productivity Tips: Part Two

Recently, some of our clients shared how they use Rocket Matter to boost their firms’ productivity. Now, a few more of our users want to chime in. Here are their best tips and tricks: “We utilize Rocket Matter in a variety of ways to improve productivity, including auto-populating forms’ templates, streamlined multiple Trust Accounts tracking, and […]

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom- Streamline Your Workflow with Matter Templates

Rocket Matter makes it easy to automate your workflow by utilizing Matter Templates! If you find yourself inputting the same tasks, events and custom fields over and over again for each matter than matter templates are exactly what you need. Besides saving you loads of time, you’ll be able to reduce errors and omissions by creating well […]

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 48: Productivity Apps and Hacks

On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, hosts Nefra MacDonald and Lisa Pansini talk about productivity hacks and apps that will help you keep your busy life on track. Learn why calendaring is so important, and hear about some great desktop and mobile apps. You’ll be more productive than ever before! […]