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Free Law Firm Case Management Tools and Resources

Many of the lessons we’ve learned from working with thousands of busy attorneys in all types of practices are available to you here as case management tools and resources, Download all of the titles that interest you, and check back often as we’re always adding new content. Enjoy!

Guides and eBooks

legal practice management buyer's guide

Legal Practice Management Buyer's Guide

This is a concise, unbiased guide for busy lawyers and legal professionals to help figure out your practice management journey. Discover how to make the best decision for your law firm and maintain ongoing success! 

The Beginner's Guide to Microsoft 365 for Law Firms

The Beginner's Guide to Microsoft 365 for Law Firms

Microsoft 365 will not only save your law firm time and money, it can also help streamline your workflow. In this guide, we’ll explain what’s so great about the product and how to quickly start using it.


Accepting Credit Cards in Your Law Firm

Making the switch to online payment processing might seem daunting, but it’s actually very easy! In this eBook, we’ll walk you through every step of the way. You’ll discover how you can make your collections a whole lot easier and bring in more revenue than ever before. 

Legal Webinars


Cybersecurity for Lawyers: How to Keep Your Firm’s Information Safe

This webinar will focus on the key aspects of cybersecurity that your firm should know to protect your most sensitive information.


Automate Your Law Firm with Matter Templates

Discover how this feature can help save your law firm oodles of time and streamline your business operations. 


How Lawyers can Use Kanban Boards and Project Management

Understand exactly what Kanban boards are, how to properly use them, and how they can help identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your law firm’s business.

Legal Infographics

eye-opening facts about law firm automation

Eye-Opening Facts About Law Firm Automation

Here are some eye-opening facts about how lawyers use automation. Also, learn the benefits of such solutions and how to implement them in your practice.

9 ways to handle stress and avoid attorney burnout

9 Ways to Handle Stress and Avoid Attorney Burnout

Rocket Matter is all about making the lives of lawyers a whole lot better, so we wanted to share with you nine ways attorneys can avoid extreme stress overload.


9 Steps to Better Law Firm Billing

Establishing better billing practices is the key to your firm’s growth and profitability. Here are nine steps to help streamline your billing workflow.

Rocket Matter Case Studies

rocket matter case study clarie law offices
Case Study

Clarie Law Office, P.A.

Discover how 13-Member Clarie Law Offices improves productivity, captures more time, and increases billings .
rocket matter case study broedlow lewis llp
Case Study

Broedlow Lewis, LLP

Learn how Jeff Lewis and Broedlow Lewis LLP stay competitive with larger firms by using Rocket Matter.
rocket matter case study seifert law pc
Case Study

Seifert Law, PC

Hear how this solo practitioner found Rocket Matter and gained peace of mind.

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