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Many of the lessons we’ve learned from working with thousands of busy attorneys in all types of practices are available to you here as case management tools and resources, Download all of the titles that interest you, and check back often as we’re always adding new content. Enjoy!

Guides and eBooks

The Rocket Guide to Working Remotely as a Lawyer

The Rocket Guide™ to Working Remotely as a Lawyer

For lawyers, pivoting to a remote environment doesn’t have to be difficult. This guide will serve as a foundation for running a successful remote law firm. 

White Paper

The Rocket Guide™ to Data Migration for Legal Practice Management Software

This white paper aims to educate any law firm contemplating a data transfer on the pitfalls and best practices you’ll find along the way.
Paperless Law Office: A 12-Month Plan for Going Paperless

The Paperless Law Office: A 12-Month Plan for Going Paperless

This easy-to-follow plan for going paperless can help reduce your law firm overhead costs and boost profits.

Legal Webinars


How to Safely Transition to New Legal Software

From initial planning to going live with your new software, you’ll learn best practices to help put your mind at ease and set your firm up for long-term success.


How to Be Fearless and Focused to Fast Forward Your Success

Step out of your comfort zone, improve leadership skills, and discover a proven 3-step formula to help you become more fearless and focused in your life. 


How to Reduce Your Law Firm Overhead and Still Be Effective

From technology to logistics, learn some ways to cut down on your law firm’s overhead without sacrificing efficiency and client service. 

Legal Infographics

6 new year's resolutions for lawyers in 2020

6 New Year's Resolutions for Lawyers in 2020

Here are a few of our favorite New Year’s resolutions for lawyers in 2020 that are sure to set you in a positive direction for years to come.

6 Tips for Lawyers Working Remotely from Home

Keep these six tips in mind to ensure you are as productive and efficient as possible when working from home.

5 Types of Strategic Meetings Your Lean Law Firm Should Be Having

Learn about the five meeting types that will get your entire team on the same page and keep your operational engine humming.

Rocket Matter Case Studies

rocket matter case study clarie law offices
Case Study

Clarie Law Office, P.A.

Discover how 13-Member Clarie Law Offices improves productivity, captures more time, and increases billings .
rocket matter case study broedlow lewis llp
Case Study

Broedlow Lewis, LLP

Learn how Jeff Lewis and Broedlow Lewis LLP stay competitive with larger firms by using Rocket Matter.
rocket matter case study seifert law pc
Case Study

Seifert Law, PC

Hear how this solo practitioner found Rocket Matter and gained peace of mind.

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