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Run a more productive and profitable law firm from anywhere with Rocket Matter's robust legal case management, time & billing, and more. With our top-tier legal solutions, you can streamline your organizational processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.


Rocket Matter simplifies your legal practice area

Rocket Matter provides comprehensive, start-to-finish legal practice management solutions. With straightforward solutions in everything from matter management to advanced billing, our practice management is designed to make your team’s lives a whole lot easier.

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Family law

Families need your full attention when they come to you for help, and Rocket Matter can ensure that you deliver exceptional service. Alternative fee arrangements let families pay the way that works best for them, via options including a credit card or a payment plan.

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Estate planning

Help clients plan their future and leave a positive legacy—without the headache of complicated workflows. Rocket Matter’s document management software makes it easy to create and store legal documents, and then send them to your clients in just a few clicks.

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Real estate law

Closing real estate deals is a fast-paced job, so you need legal practice management software that can keep up with your workflows. Rocket Matter features Kanban boards that help you visualize the status of every project, keep track of progress, and streamline communication to keep everyone on the same page.

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Business law

Contracts and business structures are complicated enough—you don't need practice management software that weighs you down. Rocket Matter's powerful workflow and automation tools simplify your busy work and boost revenue.

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Intellectual property law

Your clients turn to you to protect and defend their intellectual property. Rocket Matter delivers streamlined project and case management features, intuitive file-sharing and time tracking, and efficient billing and payments—meaning you can focus on your practice, not practice management.

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Numerous law firms have benefited from Rocket Matter’s ultramodern features. The good news is that you can take advantage of them too.

Here are a few ways that Rocket Matter can help your law firm:

Improve Staff Performance & Productivity

With an efficient system in place, your staff can quickly organize and access case documents, billing information, calendar appointments, email correspondence, and other tasks that require attention. They can also navigate crucial matters with less effort by marking a task as a priority. They’ll have confidence that they can find the answers they need by going directly to our platform. Automated time capture allows you to monitor staff hours and productivity.

No Conflict in Schedules

Since you can simply mark a schedule on our provided calendar, you will not have to deal with agitated clients for conflicts in schedules or missed appointments. The schedules are clearly laid out in the legal management software, and all you must do is set or adjust them.

Enhanced Billing System

Money is one of the most sensitive matters in any firm. Any discrepancies that may arise in billing could cause the client to doubt your reliability as a law firm. Our billing system is 100% accurate and continues to improve with time, thanks to our clients’ honest input and feedback.

More Satisfied Clients

Clients today are used to instant information, and they will demand the same from you regarding case updates. Whether in your office or working remotely, law practice management software will allow you to access your clients’ records at any time.

Better Teamwork & Collaboration

Law firm practice management software can improve collaboration and teamwork among staff members. With Rocket Matter, you can easily share information from one staff member to another. You can also delegate work to other team members and be updated on their progress. Chat systems are also built into the software, allowing for effortless communication between staff.

Less Hassle in Onboarding New Hires

Employee training is a significant bottleneck in the onboarding process. Training time and costs can be reduced by using a unified practice management system. Automated processes are a key feature that Rocket Matter brings to the table. By programming your processes into an automated workflow system, you can guarantee that your entire staff can follow with no extra effort on either party.

Better Cybersecurity

Protecting sensitive client information from hackers and other would-be thieves is a crucial part of managing a law practice. Rocket Matter’s high-end security features can help keep your data and information safe and protected.

Get Your Work Done from Any Location

Rocket Matter allows you to access your firm’s database from anywhere, be it on a laptop or through an iOS or Android app. Because of this, you can view all your client’s records from anywhere with an internet connection and get your work done.

Legal Practice Management Software Features

If you are interested in trying out our legal practice management software, below are some of the features we are proud to present to our clients:

Case Management

With Rocket Matter’s case management software, you can easily track your cases, hours, documents, and invoicing. Powerful automation tools also help you save effort by streamlining your processes. It helps your law office by including time and money-saving features and tools that might otherwise require you to hire outside help. 

  • Gather your case information in one convenient place: With Rocket Matter, you can manage your law practice from virtually any location, on any device. 
  • Workflow automation made easy: Set parameters for events and tasks that will automatically be used in the cases you choose. Sort your tasks into categories, such as case types, clients, or other groups, and automate the corresponding activities.
  • Powerful platform customizations With Rocket Matter’s solutions, you can limit the amount charged for each case to make things easier for your clients. Other helpful information about each case can be gathered by adding custom fields. Straight out of the box, our solutions can provide in-depth reports. 
Legal Project Management
Document Automation
File Sharing & Electronic Signature
Business Intelligence
Online Payment Processing

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"Overall, my experience with Rocket Matter has been very successful in navigating through the website and it is pretty self explanatory which helps when training new employees comes up. The ease in using this software makes working to track time spent on cases flawless."

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